Australia Converts to Islam


Actually, he might prove to be as an effect recruiting poster boy for the Counterjihad in Australia as Anjem Choudary is for the Brits. KGS

H/T: Dennis Mitzner

Full-bred Aussie with a longing for sharia law

Australian-born Muslim extremist Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon addresses supporters and opponents in Sydney last night. Picture: Jane Dempster Source: The Australian

IBRAHIM Siddiq-Conlon has a message for Australians, whether they want to hear it or not.

“One day Australia will be ruled by sharia, no doubt,” he declares. “That is why non-Muslims are worried, because they know one day they won’t be able to drink their beer, they won’t be able to eat their pork and they won’t be able to do their homosexual acts, because one day they know they will be controlled.”

Siddiq-Conlon sits on the steps of the NSW Parliament House, the location he has chosen to launch his rhetorical attack on democracy, which he describes as “an evil system of life”.

“Right now in the Western world we’re on the edge of a crisis, of extinction, because of democracy. OK, so don’t tell me democracy has the answers and is peaceful. Democracy is the reason for the world’s problems.”

Siddiq-Conlon is the face and voice of Sharia4Australia, a group formed in Sydney’s southwest to agitate for Islamic law, starting with the introduction of sharia courts and ending, in his ideal world, with Islamic rule.

While he claims to eschew violence, he unapologetically preaches hate. An online video posted by his group describes its members as “uncompromising [in] their disallegiance, disloyalty and hate for the disbelievers”.

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  1. He and his mates will be in for a rude shock. No right minded person will allow this to happen. If there are any so-called moderate muslims, then they better start shutting these buffoons up before things start to get rocky.

  2. Seems that the religion of peace attracts all kinds of misfits drawn from non-Muslim communities.

    There is no place in Australia for this kind of hate filled ranting.

    I suspect he is just another attention seeker with serious psychological problems.

    But one good thing to emerge is that all the sleepy dhimmis might begin to wake up to the true nature of the religion of peace!

  3. I went to UTS with Shannon Conlon when he was a sad loner, without very much academic acumen. He was a very gullible young man of very limited intelligence.
    Unfortunately, things haven’t improved for Shannon. Still a major drongo.

  4. Shannon, old Cowra boy- You need the Lord Jesus Christ in your Life. Jesus is the only way to forgive you of your sins ,take away your Guilt and purge out the hate you have in your life. Turn to the Lord , and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ , Love , Peace and relationship based on the atoning death and resurrection of the Jesus Christ.
    From another Concerned Cowra Boy.

    1. how about posting that reply on his facebook webpage the one where he iss till abusing australians?

  5. Shannon you are the apostate,repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness.

  6. Fuck off you dumb Muslim if you want sharia law go live in a sharia law country
    Islam is a stain on humanity and must be washed clean.
    So much for islam being the religion of peace when you preach death to none muslims have so much blood on your hands killing woman and children in the name of your god.

    1. dont forget that the so called prophet took a 6 year old for his bride as well.a religion that has a mention of pedophillia committed by one of its gods?gee what a religion of peace and decency it really is.

  7. Destroy this mental guy. (TT: Edited: You can’t call for the murder of a private individual on these pages. Wanted terrorists, yes) HIM, he is pure evil.

    1. I would like to see this guy put away as well, but until he does indeed violate a law, the best we can do is to marginalize this piece of crap and his ideology.

  8. what in the hell is wrong with this guy.Cant anybody see he needs some psychiatric help.
    Life is to short for kind of nonsense. Really, hes…….I really don’t know

  9. Be advised , I am the Shah of all Emu’s in Australia , I speak for all Muslim Emu’s that conform to my Emu Sharian law .
    I hereby declare a Jihad on all infidel Emu’s who go against the ruling of the Shah of Emu’s, wear your Burquas over your beaks , hide behind the veil of ignorance for it is only behind
    the veil do we survive , fear to all Infidel Emu’s, Aussie Emu’sMuslim Sharian law is the one and only law
    I have spoken and my ruling stands , no one well extract us from the age of the caveman , we will evolve in our own time and own pace over the next million years
    I am the true prophet and urge all Aussie Emu’s to fight the pretender to the law of the Emu
    All praise to Aussie Emu
    Fight the infidel Ibrahim Saddiq Conlan

  10. We are such a politically correct and multiculturally sensitive country Islamists are flourishing here. Just as they flourished in England. Now they have Sharia Law in England. Sharia Law governs its own Family Law disputes, female domination and criminal matters in an utterly disgusting way. It will usurp any primary law of any democratic land of residence. Let us keep Australia a democracy and not introduce Sharia Law officially into Australia. We, the people of Australia, in this actual moment are still free with our speech, our dress, our lifestyle. If we let people like Conlon have any say at all, our way of life is doomed. Sharia Law brings arranged marriages, stonings, female circumcision and female suppression. Also amputations for minor criminals, the poor, the starving. Beheadings for others. Wake up Australia. Stop building mosques where Imam’s reign. You will find in Sharia Law- dominated domestic disputes, police will bow out once an Imam turns up to save the day. They will cite “cultural dispute” and leave it to the Imam. Some Islamists in Australia already practice Sharia Law. It goes against the Australian Constitution and everyone and everything it stands for. Stop it while we still can. And people out in parts of Australia can brand me racist all they want but it is not a race I am condemning. It is a religious culture. For their culture is governed in all aspects by the Koran which their religion and whole life is based upon.

  11. One thing you constantly seem to overlook Ibrahim in your … us from ourselves arrogance……The Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof …repent therefore and turn from your wicked ways that you may be saved ……that at the name of Jesus every knee ( thats your knees ) shall bow and every tongue ( thats your tongue ) shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord ( thats ….HE IS the Boss ) there is a day coming for you the outcome of which you will not like unless you …..turn from your wicked ways

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