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  1. The unelected ‘Baroness’ Warsi – aka Cameron’s Manchurian Candidate – appears to be rather perturbed by something called ‘Dinner Party Islamophobia’. This tells us an awful lot about the circles within which she moves and from whence she gathers or assumes the state of public opinion.

    She really should get out a bit more; a visit to any of my local (town and country) pubs and clubs when the clientele know there are no Thought Police present would open her eyes to a whole new perspective, and Islamophobia doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    These people are so angry, they are reaching breaking point with The Religion of Peace and its enablers, and that point grows daily closer. If the fragrant Baroness ever stops to consider the ferocity and brutality with which the French Revolutionaries treated their previous masters she might begin to understand what is heading her way and might just find it wiser to address the real cause of the problem rather than attack those who correctly recognise Islam for what it is.

    Mind you, that said, I am fascinated by the phrase ‘Dinner Party Islamophobia’. If the chattering classes are starting to get even a little bit edgy over their guacamole, cuscus and Halal coq au vin then that can’t be a bad thing. Every little bit helps, as they say.

    1. They really haven’t a clue as to the anger their policies have created. People just want to live a normal life and pass their legacy onto their children when they die. They tend to get very justifiably nervous when they see that’s not going to happen, and that the lifestyle for future generations to come will be radically different.

  2. What a bunch of idiotic nonsense she speaks…. typical bloody Taqqiyah, and typical lying politician’s responses. What a rubbish woman.
    I have no faith in, or reason to be impressed by, the “House of Lords” in England. I mean, look at the example of Lord Archer… convicted and jailed for lying to a Court – and he is still in the House of Lords… it’s the old schoolboy network and money… if you’re rich enough to contribute a huge sum to the current governing party in the UK then you will have your wish granted and be able to call yourself “Lord Whatever, or Baron Whatever, or Baroness Whatever”.

    Some tidbits about Baroness Warsi (the Egg Lady):
    – Her father, Safdar Hussain, (emigrated from Bewal, Gujar Khan, Pakistan) operates a bed manufacturing company, which earns £2+ million a year, after starting life as a mill worker. [I wonder where she got the money to give to the Conservative Party for her Baronetcy?? Remember these dots – Pakistan, dot one; rich father, dot two.]
    – Baroness Warsi was born in Dewsbury, West Riding of Yorkshire. After qualifying as a solicitor, she worked for John Whitfield – the last Conservative Member of Parliament for Dewsbury – at Whitfield Hallam Goodall Solicitors. John Whitfield was elected Member of Parliament for the normally Labour seat of Dewsbury. [Are you beginning to connect the dots? Dewsbury, rich father, John Whitfield MP for Dewsbury – lo and behold, a Baronetcy pops out of the bag. The old schoolboy network again – with lovely pocket-stuffing.]
    – In its December 2006 edition, the New Statesman revealed that Warsi received support for her general election campaign from Lord Ahmed, a Labour peer. Baron Nazir Ahmed was born in a Jat family of Mirpur (Azad Kashmir, Pakistan). Ahmed was a member of the Labour Party, until he was expelled from it on 25 February 2009, after receiving a custodial sentence for dangerous driving. He is still in the House of Lords. On the 11th of February Melanie Phillips (columnist) claimed that Lord Ahmed had threatened to “bring a force of 10,000 Muslims to lay siege to the Lords if the campaigning anti-Islamist Dutch MP Geert Wilders was allowed to speak” at a broadcast of the film “Fitna”. [More dots to connect – Pakistan, money, friends of friends, the right connections – and Voila! a Baroness is born.]

    And now this unelected piece of rubbish is Conservative Party chairman(person)?? I wonder how the connections and dots got her this high-paying unelected and unadvertised job??
    I have absolutely no faith left in British politicians (MPs) or members of the House of Lords… they are all a bunch of liars, thieves, manipulators, and money grabbers feeding at the pig trough of the UK taxpayers, along with their minion managers of hospital and school boards and quangos.
    And, after doing a bit of research on Warsi, I ask why should we, or anyone, pay any attention to the gibberish that this woman spouts from her lying mouth? She cannot even speak proper English… it’s a rubbish accent from Dewsbury, Yorkshire… and a rubbish woman to go with it.

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