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The essence of Scandinavian ‘consensus driven politics’ by a true Western Stalinst:

Mona Sahlin (SDP, Socialist Dementia Party) on debating with the Sweden Democrats: “Sweden is too small for major conflicts. Our framework has grown through cooperation. That which is built across coalition boundaries remains strong and endures.”

So there you have it folks. No need for political debates along lines of principle and policy, especially if the principles and policies are in direct opposition to the status quo’s. Why bother with defending your brain dead policies with people who can make a solid case against them.

The SDP/Greens/Left and the faux Right nexus want consensus, not bothersome politics where one is actually forced to prove one’s own policies are indeed sound. Their political world revolves around consensus, they demand it, and those who refuse to play by the rules of their consensus driven (Stalinist) policies and camaraderie, are to be locked out.

That’s why multiculturalism and socialism and every other major entitlement program that keeps the people tied to the government’s teat, keeps being shoved down the peoples’ throats regardless what party is leading a governing coalition. The self anointed ruling elite will see to it that the ignorant people are denied any other alternative. Read the following story for proof of how they think. When they can’t win an argument, they refuse to debate, the people of Sweden should be standing outside the Riksdag with pitchforks and torches. KGS

H/T: Fjordman

Sahlin’s final plea: isolate the Sweden Democrats

The Local: The first party leader debate of the year was the last for the Social Democrats’ Sahlin, who called for more cross-coalition cooperation to squeeze out the Sweden Democrats. “Sweden is too small for major conflicts. Our framework has grown through cooperation. That which is built across coalition boundaries remains strong and endures,” she said.

Sahlin ended her speech with a call to end partisan politics in order to reduce the influence of the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, who entered the Riksdag for the first time following Sweden’s 2010 general elections.

“It’s the only way to isolate a xenophobic party,” she said.

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson brought neither a present nor warm words for Sahlin. Instead, he stated that she served as an inspiration for for the Sweden Democrats “as a symbol of the failed multicultural project.” Sahlin thanked her parliamentary colleagues for the fun and tedious debates she has engaged in over the last 30 years and was thanked in turn from the right to left.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt thanked Sahlin for a “solid and genuine political performance.” “Mona Sahlin has the power to arouse feelings far beyond the boundaries of one’s own political party,” he stated in tribute.

He also presented her with a farewell gift: an iPhone with Mahatma Gandhi’s book “The art of turning the world upside down” to listen to during her power walks. Sahlin and outgoing Green Party spokeswoman Wetterstrand admitted that they will miss each other.

“However, now we can go out and have a drink together,” said Sahlin.

NOTE: Stunning. They all are one big happy ruling class. Of Stalinists.

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  1. Truly the stalinist hegemony among the ruling parties in Sweden is staggering. There’s just no room for dissent and no need, none whatsoever!

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