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The Tundra Tabloids thanks Sheik Yer Mami for his  excellent perspective on a video of gun battles taking place, most likely in Iraq (some time ago), where minarets were the targets. The jihadis were using them as staging areas for attacks on US troops and were subsequently  destroyed. The Sheik offers these words of advice. Heed them. KGS

The Sheik; The link to the Weasel Zippers posting above is interesting. Take a look at the comments. A jubilant, triumphalist echo chamber without understanding.

The jihadist, a ‘martyr’ in his own mind, is to kill and be killed for Allah (9:11.1)

This is the motivation. It is hardly an achievement for the mighty US army to blow a lone Islamic lunatic out of a minaret. That’s the easy part.

What the cheerleaders don’t understand is this:

If the shooter manages to kill one US soldier, he has already done his Islamic duty.
If he gets killed, he is a hero for his tribe (who’s blood must be avenged) and he will go to Muhammad’s grand bordello where 72 virgins & 28 pearly boyz will give him eternal sexual pleasure.

Shooting up the mosques and distributing the videos further enrages Muslims worldwide, for whom it is a religious war on Islam, so others will take his place. Great propaganda. Heads they win, tails we lose.

It would be much better for us to begin to understand what we’re up against. When Suhail Khan (or any other Islamofascist) says “I will kill and die for my religion” we better believe him.

Full quote, here:

“The early Muslims loved death, dying for the sake of almighty Allah, more than the oppressors loved life. This must be the case when we are fighting….What are our oppressors going to do with a people like us? We are prepared to give our lives for the cause of Islam.”

And then we need to ask ourselves, what are we willing to do for what we believe.

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