Islamic intermarriage UK


This has been a often reported on theme here at the Tundra Tabloids, but it bears returning to now and then, because there’s real suffering going on here, self inflicted suffering that doesn’t have to be, if not for bad cultural and religious practices that demand conformity and social exclusion. Here’s a recent report on it by British Channel 4’s Dispatches program. Thanks to Vlad for the H/T

NOTE: In spite of all the evidence, the parents of these four children with defects, reject it’s due to their marrying as first cousins.

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  1. The sad, sad fact is that these poor children did absolutely nothing to deserve this hideous fate.
    It’s just one more example of the fruits of Islamic insanity.
    More garbage brought to you by the Religion of Peace.
    (By garbage I’m not referring to these poor children, I mean the Islamic way of thinking.)

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