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So this is high-grade, high culture ‘art work’ in Germany. Yeah right, and probably done on the backs of the taxpayer as well. KGS

Marcel Walldorf at the Academy of Fine Arts : I am genius, I am artist.

Peeing policewoman artwork pisses off Dresden

A prize-winning lifelike sculpture of a squatting policewoman urinating has whipped up a storm of protest in the eastern German city of Dresden, where it went on prominent display last week.

The work entitled “Petra” by 27-year-old sculptor Marcel Walldorf is made of silicone and metal and has pitted public officials against art world aficionados in the debate over what is acceptable in the name of high culture.

It depicts a young female police officer in full riot gear crouching to pee, with exposed buttocks and a small gelatin “puddle” affixed to the floor of the gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts in the capital of Saxony.

The work entitled “Petra” was completed one year ago and has captured a €1,000 ($1,328) prize by the prestigious Leinemann Foundation for fine arts.

“It shows very well the difference between the public sphere and the private sphere,” the jury said.

But Saxon Interior Minister Markus Ulbig, who is responsible for the state’s security services, told the German press he was “shocked” by the sculpture, which he branded “an insult to police officers.”

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  1. You know you can take a picture of a dog stool, colorize and call it art. There is so much vulgar art that has a shock effect. But is shock really a valid aspect of art? Not to me.

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