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On January 18th, the Tundra Tabloids will be again live blogging both here at the TT and at Elisabeth’s Save Free Speech website, the second hearing of her case taking place in Vienna. According to sources close to the case,

“The judge is expected to go through the evidence in detail, rather than relying on a transcript which back in November was found to have several ”artistic liberties”. This is primarily the audio recordings of her seminars to the FPÖ.”

The Tundra Tabloids hears from Elisabeth that both she and her lawyer are more than ready and willing to prove the truthfulness of everything spoken at the seminars, underlining that this is about the right to tell the truth without fear of legal punishment. For telling the truth can never be illegal in a free society, and the truth should always be the foundation for the defense and the aim for any court proceeding.

As was the case last time, the TT will be providing up-to-date details and highlights of the court proceedings as they are being fed via the courtroom by Henrik Clausen who will be the eyes and ears to what’s happening with the trial. Henrik also promises to be sending along timely photos before and throughout the court proceedings.

The hearing starts at 10:00 Finnish time, ( 9:00 CET local). The first report can be expected at around 11:00 Finnish time, (10:00 CET local), and this time will be simultaneously translated into German, and French. KGS

NOTE: More on ESW here.

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  1. Good work TT, appreciated! Keep it up BTW wanted to link to you, because I like this blog. What anchor should I use, also, you would be ok with linking to me I hope. Let me know please. You have my email….

  2. God will stand in front of Elizabeth and deflect the barbs of injustice. Europe, hear me, save yourself. Nondiscrimination is evil, denial is your death covenant. Awake and recognize reality.

  3. Great work KGS…the ITF is here to support you. I just posted your article and links on our home page. This is going to be monumental. Good Job!!

    1. Thanks ITF, your help in spreading this thing is well appreciated.

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