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Oh my, what’s the Palestinian Authority to do when its own Arabs will not subscribe to their carefully manicured narrative that Israel is the worst place in the world? A recent poll shows that the Arabs living in E.J’lem would prefer to live in the Jewish state than live under the rule of the Muslims.

The Tundra Tabloids would also add, though its not connected to the poll, that almost every Arab village living along the “Green Line” (the 1948 cease fire line) are very nervous about being attached to any future “Palestinian state”, for the exact same reasons. Israel is a modern state that adheres to the rule of law. Baksheesh (bribery) is not a practice nor needed in Israel to obtain justice. KGS

H/T: A Tundra Tabloids reader

East Jerusalem Arabs Not Enthusiastic about Joining Palestine

– Jackson Diehl
(Washington Post) A new poll conducted in November shows that the 270,000 Arabs who live in east Jerusalem may not be very enthusiastic about joining Palestine. The awkward fact is that more would prefer to be citizens of Israel than of a Palestinian state.

The survey, designed and supervised by former State Department Middle East researcher David Pollock, found that only 30% said they would prefer to be citizens of Palestine in a two-state solution, while 35% said they would choose Israeli citizenship. (The rest said they didn’t know or refused to answer.) 40% said they would consider moving to another neighborhood in order to become a citizen of Israel rather than Palestine, and 54% said that if their neighborhood were assigned to Israel, they would not move to Palestine.

“Quite clearly there is a discrepancy between people’s attitudes and the assumption that Palestinian neighborhoods should be part of Palestine,” said Pollock. “That’s not actually what the people want.”

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  1. Of course they want to stay in Israel. Chaos vs rule of law. Opportunity vs. misery. It is no surprise.

  2. No surprise, I knew this already from other polls, but don’t think these people actually want to join Israel because they care for the country. The only want the benefits of the country.

    KGS, maybe this is an interesting article
    Europe Goes Halal

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