The truth surrounding the AZ shooting by Jared Loughner is going to come and bite the Left-wing media and the Democrats right in the *ss. They are going to take a major hit by the American public for the irresponsible behavior they exhibited during this tragic event. It shows just how partisan the Leftist media (in collusion with the Dems) actually are as they compete amongst themselves to see who can scrape the bottom of the barrel first. It’s stunning actually.

The Tundra Tabloids predicts that the American people of whom the overwhelming majority are honest, decent people -who are not only appalled over the shooting of six people, which included a 9 year old girl, a federal judge and a sitting US Congresswoman, they’re also appalled at the way the just mentioned have used this tragic event for their own political gain- are going to react strongly in the upcoming elections come 2012, as they have witnessed many of the Democrats wallowing in the same opportunistic, political mire as their cheerleaders in the Leftist media.

The old media, they have just gotten that much older and more irrelevant, and the Democrats, less significant resulting in fewer seats in the next general elections. KGS


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