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See how the state media spin the story, that immigration actually brings money into areas? The 200 000 Euros mentioned, was it created wealth or extracted wealth from the taxpayer living elsewhere? Whether in Helsinki or elsewhere in the EU, nonetheless, the money was taken from someone’s pocket to pay for this upkeep of others. Regardless of what the socialists want you to believe, the money to fund all this does not drop from the sky.

Listen, in the land of reality, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, or free health care, or free this or free that, the funding for any entitlement program all comes from someone else’s pocket, you, your pocket, any notion otherwise is pure fantasy. That they hype this crap as a great opportunity for the locals is an absurdity beyond comprehension. KGS

NOTE: See how the statist treats the people with contempt, showering chump change upon the people to get them to skip rope while they plunder their bank accounts? Stunning that people actually put up with it.

Immigrants Flocking to North Karelia

YLE: The spontaneous flow of immigrants moving to the small town of Lieksa in North Karelia is causing some disharmony among local residents. According to the town council, Lieksa has benefited around 200,000 euros from its new immigrant population. But local critics say immigrants are taking away jobs and housing from residents.

Lieksa has already received 130 immigrants in just over a year. This has meant the town has been able to hire two formally unemployed local residents to work in its immigrant advice centre.

[TT: So what, more public sector jobs that produce absolutely nothing]

Most of the new arrivals are refugees from Iraq and Somalia – all of whom have made a personal choice to start a new life in Lieksa. Despite the town being one of the most picturesque in the area, one of its main attractions for immigrants has been rental accommodation. For letting agents, who only two years ago had more than 100 empty apartments, immigrants have been a real saviour.

[TT: Wrong. The taxpayer has been the real saviour]

Many local people think it does not matter where the town gets its income. But some of the town’s 13 000 residents do not agree. As an example, the town council has received a new initiative where local people demand immigrant expenses to be made public. This, they say, is so that taxpayers know where their money is going.

According to the social services in the town, Lieksa paid some 1.5 million euros in expenses for its immigrants last year. However, as the state will pay these expenses for the first three years, Lieksa has already made a 200,000-euro profit from welcoming immigrants so far. The town expects to make a similar profit this year.

NOTE: A more true statement would be, However, as the state will pay these expenses for the first three years,. Lieksa has already made a 200 000 euro profit at the expense of Finnish taxpayers living elsewhere.

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  1. They also are ignoring the costs that will be generated when the new residents and their children start committing violent crimes out of all proportion to their numbers, just as such immigrants have done in every single community in Western Europe that has welcomed them. What does that do to your 200K euro “profit”? How do you put a price on rape, robbery, and murder? Well, liberals do it every day, by continuing to insist that the benefits of “cultural enrichment” outweigh any “temporary” setbacks, e.g., the fact that such immigrants are currently generating the greatest epidemic of violent crime in the known histories of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

    Telling the truth about this is “racist”, of course, by virtue of the fact that the enablers of our current immigration nightmare don’t want anyone to point out that the emperor has no clothes. Musn’t let anything awkward like truth, facts, or reality smudge the shiny surface of their dreamed-for multicultural utopia. Better we just keep our mouths shut and continue to allow our parents to be robbed, our wives and girlfriends to be raped, our kids to be beaten up at school for their lunch money … and use every tool in our arsenal to silence any voice raised in protest against it.

  2. Quite an interesting subject, one that we should focus on.

    The amount of “created jobs”, the armies of social workers and other parasites who make a living being ‘caring and compassionate’, is ever growing, in Australia as well as in EUrope.

    This kind of job does not create wealth, it destroys.

    After the French riots a few years ago I happened to meet a Frenchman in Guam airport, (Micronesia), who told me that “it was good for business”, which I found rather confusing, given that so much wealth was destroyed, 10.000 cars, 400 businesses, and I don’t know how many buses….

    It turned out he was a car-dealer.

    Today, in a conversation with my regular lefty loon, I was told that the Queensland floods would be “good for business”.

    Yes, I do get the point.

    But the destruction impoverishes, it doesn’t add wealth, except, perhaps, to some in the building industry who are able to profit from it.

    Clear thinking is needed. Now more than ever. Nobody can build a nation on social workers and third world parasites. The Manchurian moonbat cannot spend America into prosperity, the redistribution of other peoples money has never enriched a nation either. He and the asses he rode in on can only follow the Mugabes into the abyss.

    But once the alchemists become unmasked, things will turn ugly, real fast.

    1. In 100% agreement with you Sheik. The supporters of the low-tech skill (to none at all) mass immigration scheme presently in force almost everywhere around the world, want us to believe, is that money trees do in fact exist. It’s one reason why these morons refuse to debate the issues, choosing rather to hurl epitaphs of racist and bigot to get you to shut the hell up. Clear thinking is desperately in need, we have to get back to the business of creating wealth, not fighting over the crumbs to an ever shrinking pie.

      What the Left actually does in the redistribution of wealth, is the redistributing of poverty.

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