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It was highly predictable. For the most part, there is no real foreign news journalism in Finland, and the papers’ editorials are no better, which shell out one superficial piece after the other, at least where foreign news is concerned. It’s something that one has to get used to here, because there really isn’t an alternative media, like a news organization or talk radio.

So here is the Helsingin Sanomat (all the news fit to wrap fish in) carefully keeping to the narrative that the US Left-wing media has carefully manicured for public consumption, not straying one iota. After repeated assertions that the US gun laws are to blame they launch into the following tirade:

EDITORIAL: USA reflects on hate-mongering in politics

HS: […] There is no certainty how much the political polarisation may have affected Loughner, whose political literature ranged from works of Hitler and Marx to Peter Pan.

Nevertheless, aggressive and offensive political rhetoric has offered plenty of potential sparks for disturbed individuals.

The Republicans and people in the Tea Party movement have defended themselves by condemning the atrocity, which is the most important issue in their view.

In addition, they have said that politics in the United States has not been particularly violent in recent years, and that perpetrators of earlier political assassinations have sought inspiration from the left as well.

This is true, but now the hostility is mostly on the right, and it usually targets President Obama.

This is patently false. There’s no proof whatsoever that the shooter was influenced by any rhetoric, though I wouldn’t expect this paper to recognize any of the highly charged rhetoric coming from the Left, meaning the media and the Democrats, including Obama himself. Like I said earlier, they are a superficial news organization, that usually get their foreign news, prepackaged, via ticker tape. So why should we expect their editorial staff to be any more well versed than their news dept.?

Radical Left-wing MSNBC is one of the biggest polluters of the airwaves, characterizing the Right in the most offensive ways on a daily basis. All the Democrats flock to it, and participate in the bashing. Even President Obama himself has used highly irregular, highly charged rhetoric using guns -and what could be interpreted if one wants to go there-violence, in his public outings where he’s delivered speeches and speaking off the cuff.

The point here is that no one is innocent here, and yet no one is to blame for the violent act that took place last Saturday, but the perp himself. The question remains, as radio Talk show host Mark Levin asks, what did the sheriff know and when did he know it about the shooter, who had earlier run ins with the police, and how did he manage to purchase that gun in the sheriffs own district?

Also not being mentioned was the Democrats policy to turn mentally ill people loose from mental institutions because it violated their civil rights, a decision dating back to the 70’s. Ahh, but these are not the questions for the HS to ponder on, or even to know anything about, what’s important to them is to follow the narrative that the Right-wing is evil, that’s all that matters. KGS

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