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That’s one way to send a message to the hired foreign staff, when you’re abused, shut your trap or face being banned for life. The TT can’t blame these women for wanting to seek employment where ever they can find it, it’s the employers and the agencies that are the go between that bear the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their workers, that they’re being properly cared for. How much longer do we have to hear of such outrages? KGS


TSN: Our brothers in the UAE have responded wisely, we’ll take no lip from our hired staff. Dhimmis have no recourse under sharia.

‘Abused’ maid faces a lifetime ban from working in the UAE

Ramona Ruiz
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2011

DUBAI // A 35-year-old Filipina housemaid who left her job complaining of mistreatment is facing a lifetime ban on working in the UAE, after her former employer filed an abscondment case against her.

“It’s not fair and we’re trying to sort it out,” said Yum Habana-Sabala, 42, the managing director of Destiny HR in Dubai. “She had bruises on her arms and chest and she claimed that her female employer slapped her three times.”

Ms Sabala, who was in Nepal when the abuse is alleged to have happened in December, was seeking help from Filipino labour officials to approach the Dubai immigration authorities.


The maid, who is originally from Caloocan City, 5.47km from Manila, arrived in Dubai on August 31 last year. Last month, she complained that her employers hit her when she asked for her November salary and for a day off, according to Ms Sabala.

“They confiscated her mobile phone and she could not contact us,” she said. “She sought help from a security guard at the building where she worked. He phoned me and we were able to rescue her.”

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