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The Finnish state media is spinning the shooting as being related to the political climate, (read= conservatives rejecting Marxism). The police chief, a Democrat, has been injecting personal opinion rather then focusing exclusively on the case and facts at hand. Here’s an excellent example of just that, with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s interview of the polices chief who immediately launched into a tirade of how:

“the political dialogue has over the years and that politicians used to work together to solve the country’s problems”.

What a bunch of crap. As Megyn Kelly states, “there were madmen who klilled politicians before, there are madmen who do the same now”, why would he think it’s any different, if not for advancing his own political agenda, which of course is what he’s exactly doing.

The whole line of “politicians should be working together” is a complete ruse, and naked attempt for demanding the opposition to succumb to socialist platforms being pursued by the Left. Screw that, let the Left come closer to the Conservative platform, which means adhering to the US Constitution which demands a smaller role for the US federal government.

Anyone who spins this guy as Democrat or a Republican or Tea Party conservative, is a moron, and using it for their own political reasons. The mass murderer at Fort Hood, Capt’ Jihad, did so from pure political/jihad reasons, yet the mass media were at pains to describe him as a madmen. See the difference? KGS

FromZip: CNN attempts to blame the Right for vitriolic language and the Noortz gives him back Barack Hussein Obama’s words….and shuts him up.

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  1. Has there been any confirmation from the Police regarding that “internal memo” circulated by FOX NEWS claiming that the gunman had ties to a white supremacist group? In case you hadn’t noticed, the media and the Police are not telling us much in the way of FACTS regarding this case. We don’t even know if the gunman tested clean for drugs and alcohol.

    If the crime had happened 40 miles to the south in Nogales, Mexico, people would have automatically assumed it was about the drug wars. Here in America, we automatically think it’s about political rhetoric and racism. It’s all in the mindset.

    In the mean time, few people (News media or Police) are telling us FACTS.

    If you see a confirmation that the FOX NEWS “internal memo” was confirmed by the Police, please let us know.

    On another note, I question the judgment of a Congressman holding a town hall meeting in a supermarket parking lot. There’s no way to secure entry to a supermarket parking lot. Everybody packs heat in Arizona. Her office was ransacked once or twice in the past 12 months. There’s a viscous drug war going on just 40 miles to the south where they’re killing politicians left and right.

    Here in Michigan, we know there were militias tied to the Oklahoma City bombing. When our Congressmen hold town hall meetings, they usually hold them in high school gymnasiums or auditoriums where entry can be controlled. If desired, the Congressman can have security wand people to make sure they aren’t bringing firearms inside.

    Part of me wants to say: “Gabby! How dumb could you be?” but that wouldn’t help matters at all. Another part of me wants to say that she held a beautiful ideal of America that our most basic institution of national democracy can still be held in the open air. That this beautiful ideal doesn’t exist is profoundly sad. That’s why I think so many Americans are taking this so hard.

    1. As far as I know the ties of the shooter to white supremacists looks like it’ll end up on Snopes, buy at this stage they are not divulging any info of interest. It doesn’t help to know that the police chief is fanning the flames as well with his opinions.

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