Sweden jihad bomb attack


The jihadi was trained in the art of bomb making to kill the infidel in Iraq. Fortunately not able to carry it out except for himself. KGS

M&G: Cairo – The man behind a suicide bombing attempt in Sweden last December was trained on how to make bombs in Iraq for three months, the broadcaster al-Arabiya reported on Friday.

Suspected bomber Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, a 29-year-old of Iraqi descent, was the only fatality in the December 11 attack near a busy shopping district in central Stockholm. Two bystanders were also injured.

Diaa al-Kanani, the head of Iraq’s anti-terrorism unit, said in excerpts from an interview with the Dubai-based television channel that al-Abdaly ‘was trained in Mosul for three months, and he entered Iraq from Turkey.’

Al-Kanani added that information obtained from detained militants showed that al-Qaeda in Iraq had been preparing for a late 2010 attack in the United States and Western Europe.

It was not clear when al-Abdaly was in the northern Iraqi city. Al-Kanani said there is additional information about an Egyptian militant who was training in Iraq at the same time.

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