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ESW contacts the Tundra Tabloids about an open letter by, Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, directed to Dr. Ariel Musikant, President of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde (Jewish Community) of Austria, concerning the community’s harsh words towards the FPÖ and the coalition of the New Right’s tour of Israel (Read ESW’s A passage to Israel). KGS


Israel, 19 Tevet 5771, December 26, 2010,

Open Letter to Dr. Ariel Musikant,
President of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde,
A-1010 Wein, Seitenstettengasse 4,

Dear Dr. Musikant,
I received a copy of your open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu dated December 22. I am responding not on his behalf, since an open letter does not require a response from the addressee, but on my own behalf, on the behalf of Ne’emnei Eretz Israel and on behalf of the many Jews in Israel and the diaspora who agree with our policy.

I understand and sympathize with the feeling expressed in your letter regarding association with a political party which you identify as an anti-Semitic party.

It is surely clear to you that we fully participate in these sentiments regarding Nazism, especially in Austria and Germany. Most of us had relatives who were murdered by Germans and Austrians and their collaborators. The memory of the murder of our people is alive, part of our daily consciousness. We are concerned about the increase of anti-Semitism in the world, and in Europe specifically, together with you.

In recent years, anti-Semitism has increased terribly in Western Europe, but interestingly, mainly on that side of the political spectrum which calls itself “Liberal”, or Left. In recent years, these “liberal” elements have been leading public opinion in the de-legitimisation of Israel which, as students of the Holocaust know, is a preliminary step in the mental preparation for the “liquidation” of the delegitimized people. The Left has forged a diabolic alliance with radical Islam to rid the world of the Jewish State. In the eyes of radical Islam, the conquest of Israel is a preliminary step in the plan to conquer Europe.

The “Liberals” cannot see what stares them in the face: that the threat of radical Islam to free Europe is immanent. The romanticism of the Left makes them incapable of seeing what stares them in their faces – and what the proponents of radical Islam say loudly and clearly: they want to take over Europe. And institute Sharia law as law of the land.

Please make no mistake: If radical Islam doesget to rule any country in Europe – God Forbid, no Jew will be safe. Jews will be attacked! Jews will be murdered! The radical Islamists quote the Koran [9:30] “And the Jews say: Uzair [Ezra] is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!” Futher quotes from many Hadiths say the same and worse. Check this at the BVML Org.

In recent months, some political parties in Europe have understood that the danger of radical Islam is immanent. Even many people in the center of the political spectrum have warned of this. Mrs. Merkel has said that multiculturalism is a failure. But political correctness does not allow the political center to take necessary action. See the attitude towards Geert Wilders in Holland!!

However, some parties on the political Right, have come to the understanding that strong, immediate action must be taken. They also understand that Israel is a block on the expansion of radical Islam, that the fall of Israel would strengthen the self-confidence and motivation of radical Islam in their efforts to conquer Europe.

These people on the political right, indeed, have come to see that they need Israel, unweakened by any surrender of land to Islamists, as an ally, or actually as the bulwark of defense against radical Islam. They see Israel as an ally in the fight against the Islamisation of Europe.

Since they see Israel as an ally, we see them as an ally. Israel has a clear to cooperate with these people. The State of Israel needs allies -especially at this time, when the political Left are partners

with Islamic terrorist organisations, and the political center, antisemitism is rampant – under the mask of “legitimate criticism of Israeli crimes”. The Jewish communities in Europe have proven to be incapable of reversing this trend.

Let us analyse a possible scenario:

The Jewish community in Europe opposes the parties like the PFO and the PFO does not succeed to grow.

In such case, the takeover of Europe by Islam is most probable, within decades. During that time, AntiJewish activity will continue to grow, as part of the attempts to pacify radical Islam. After the take-over, Jews will be mass-murdered. Another Holocaust. Promised by radical Islam today, whose chances of success are not less that the estimates of the chances of Hitler taking over Germany were in 1930.

If anti-Semitism in Europe gets intolerable, the 65000 Jews in Austria could come to live in a few suburbs of cities in Israel, and the non-Muslim world will also accept Jewish refugees from Austria.

BUT the take-over of Europe by radical Islam is an existential threat to Israel. Already in many countries there are partial boycotts of Israeli goods.

If Israel falls, God Forbid, how many Jews will Austria – will Europe – be willing to accept? Remember the Evian conference of 1938: every country was in favour of other countries taking Jewish refugees. In the end no one agreed to allow persecuted, life-endangered Jews to enter their countries. One can rationally expect that shortly after the fall of Israel – God Forbid – Europe would fall, and European Jews would be massacred.

So rationally, it is clear that all people who are willing to fight radical Islam’s attempt to take over Europe are the allies of Israel and of the Jewish people!!

Certainly, the strong feelings towards Nazis and their collaborators all Jews share must be kept alive. We must teach and preach enmity towards any form of Nazism.

The members of right wing parties who came to visit Israel and met with Mr. Kara, including Mr. Strache, who Mr. Kara visited in Austria, have declared and given reason to believe that they are not anti-Semites. Whether some were anti-Semites in the past seems to be debateable. But what is important now is not the past but the present and the future. These people who are ready and willing to fight the purpose of radical Islam to conquer Europe are precious allies to Israel and to European Jews.

So it is in the best interest of your community, also, Dr. Musikant, that you cool your anger towards Mr. Kara and towards Mr. Netanyahu, and carefully consider where are the vital interests of the Jewish community in Austria and of the Jewish communities in Europe.

Very Sincerely, blessing you with Shalom,
Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander,
Member of the Nascent Sanhedrin,
Member of the Jerusalem Court for Issues of Non-Jews
Founding Member of Ne’emnei Eretz Israel

NOTE: Rabbi Hollander also writes an open letter to the European Nations and to the European Council regarding Serious Policy Mistakes of Former European Leaders which Threaten European Culture and Freedom.

Recently a letter was sent by “The European Former Leaders Group” to the President of the European Council, and to the First Vice President of the European Council, urging the European Council to implement greatly mistaken decisions taken by the European Council in previous years.

The result of these consistently mistaken policies can be seen in the streets of Europe. From Malmö in the North, down to Spain and Greece in the South, Europe is faced with aggressive Islamic radicals coercing Europe to surrender to cultural and political Islamic dictates, under threat of violence.

Under the policy of “Engagement”, the leaders of Europe in the past have tried to appease radical Islam. This policy is of course a failure, as all can see throughout Europe.

As all Europeans should know after the appeasement of Hitler, appeasement of aggression only leads to further aggression.

Part of the policy of appeasement, was the pressure consistently applied on the single Jewish State of Israel to appease the aggression of the 21 Arab states, by submitting to all the outrageous demands of Arab politicians in the name of the recently invented [1969] Arab “Palestinian People”.

The inevitable result was the encouragement of the Islamic radicals.

Since this was the inevitable result of such a policy, the question arises: how could these Elder European Leaders have made such horrendous mistakes, threatening the freedom and culture of Europe? What in their outlook made them blind to the fallacies of their policies?

The answer is most probably an inherent, basic, ingrown anti-Semitism of this elder generation of European politicians. They talk nicely about opposing anti-Semitism, but their understanding is warped by anti-Jewish propaganda to which they were exposed in their formative years. These people consistently interpreted every action of the Jewish State as an act of the Devil. They behaved as if they really believe that Israel must be demonized, to prevent the rule of the Elders of Zion. They are still afraid of that old lie, instead of fearing the real threat of radical Islam, funded by Arab leaders, who were so often the financial supporters – directly or indirectly – of these Elder European Leaders. The recent letter was sent by “The European Former Leaders Group” is just a continuation of their old, irresponsible and immoral policies.

We therefor propose that the European council re-evaluate its old policy of encouraging radical Islam by appeasing unjust Arab demands on Israel.

Why are these demands unjust?

At the time of the fall of the Ottoman empire, the lands of the Middle East were divided between the Arabs and the Jews, giving the Arabs over 90% of the land, including the known oil reserves, leaving for the Jews a barren land of Palestine, to which Jews had turned their eyes for 1900 years, and which was totally ignored by the Arabs ever since the Arab conquest in the Middle Ages. This division was initially agreed to by the Arabs, as shown by the Weizman-Feisal agreement.

Soon afterward, this agreement was rejected by the Arabs, who started murderous raids against Jews who were coming to develop their recognized homeland. As a result of the Jewish investment in the development of Palestine, there was an influx of Arab workers to Palestine from neighbouring countries –from Syria, from Transjordan, from the Hedjaz regions, and from Egypt, and other places in North Africa similar to the influx of Muslims to Europe in recent decades.

Similarly, due to the European need for Gastarbeiters, there has been an influx of tens of millions of Muslims to Europe. And similar to the recent Arab claims to the land of Palestine which have absolutely no basis in the Qur’an, so the radical Arabs are now claiming that Spain is Arab land.

Instead of following immoral policies which are also contrary to European interests, Europe’s leadership should consider how to best serve the interests of European Freedom and Culture and Religion; how to act in order to rid Europe of the immanent threats of radical Islam.

After European Leaders successfully remove the threat of Islamization from Europe, perhaps their advice will be relevant to the handling the much more difficult problem in the Jewish State of Israel, surrounded by hostile, warlike Arab states, and threatened with Nuclear destruction by Iran.

Very Sincerely,
Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander,

Member of the Nascent Sanhedrin,
Member of the Jerusalem Court for Issues of Non-Jews
Founding Member of Ne’emnei Eretz Israel

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