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Like Sweden hasn’t enough of Islam, it wants the rest of the European Union to be swimming in it up to its eyebrows as well. The Tundra Tabloids is 100% against Sweden’s FM Carl Bildt, who in any other profession would have been given the ‘heave ho’ ages ago. He’s a delusional anti-Israel hating moron to the umpteenth power. KGS

NOTE: The only thing holding Turkey together is the presently, secular army, but thats only a matter of time as the fundamuslims seep into every sphere of Turkish society.

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[Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has likened Turkey to Iran on the eve of its 1979 Islamic revolution, saying Ankara’s policies were to blame for the breakdown of ties with the Jewish state.]

Turkey will be in the EU, says Sweden’s foreign minister

HurriyetDaily: Historical experience shows that a democracy that knocks on the door of the democratic European Union will at the end of the day never be refused, according to Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

“Turkey is a big player and will have a big impact on the European Union,” Bildt said, speaking to private channel Skyturk. “So, patience and determination, then you will see that’s been the case for other countries that have knocked on the door.”

Bildt said Turkey faces some very complicated issues coming out of its own history that need to be addressed in order to become a full member of the EU. He said the EU, having gone through the process of setting up the Lisbon Treaty and now struggling with economic problems, has regained the strategic perspective of enlargement, which he believes had been missing in the past few years.

“Turkey is of course particularly important in a number of aspects, it has an economic dimension, it has demographic potential,” he told Skyturk in a taped interview with Zeynep Dereli from Leaders and Decisions. “But, clearly I say there is a need for reform in Turkey,”

Foreign Minister Bildt, together with Franco Frattini, William Hague, and Alexander Stubb recently penned an op-ed in the International Herald Tribune in support of Turkey’s European Union membership.

Bildt has served as Sweden’s Foreign Minister since 2006.

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