Muslim Immigration


The article is focused on Muslim immigration and the dangers it poses. KGS

Kevin Myers: Muslim girls are covertly prepared for forced marriage. Yet the feminists stay silent

[…] And of course, if the immigrants then conform with local norms — as British Hindus and Sikhs have usually done — then there is usually no long-term problem. The result is a cultural enrichment and fusion in which everyone gains.

This is simply not true of Muslim immigration. Not merely is there not a single stable, prosperous Muslim democracy in the world, free of terrorism and fundamentalism, there is no society that has received large numbers of Muslims that has not soon been confronted by an Islamic defiance of existing societal norms. This defiance can be cultural, in which dissident dress code is sought as a religious right; or educational, in which Muslims are raised within their own autonomous school system; or legal, with a demand for Sharia law; or insurrectionary, in which local Muslims opt for terrorist jihad against the state which admitted them.

No European country — not one — that has admitted large numbers of Muslims has been spared any of these outcomes.


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  1. This article is is a seminal one for the MSM, for it comes close to calling for the expulsion of Muslims.

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