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The Punjab governor was assassinated because he defended her, this poor woman’s life hangs by a thread, if your a person of faith, keep her in your prayers. KGS

Islamabad (AsiaNews) – An extremist Islamist group calling itself ‘Moaviya’ might be planning a suicide attack against Sheikhupura Prison in order to kill Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy, this according to a report by Pakistani intelligence.

Ms Bibi has been held in the prison since 2009. Punjab police and prison authorities have tightened security, especially in the wake of the assassination of the provincial governor, Salman Taseer, last Tuesday.

A few days ago, Mgr Lawrence John Saldanha, president of the catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan, said, “it is clear that anyone that opposes the blasphemy law is at risk.”

Mgr Rufin Anthony, bishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, told AsiaNews that religious fundamentalism and intolerance are spreading in the country.

Increasingly, Muslim religious leaders are actually offering rewards to anyone willing to carry out attacks and violence against those who criticises the blasphemy law.



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  1. Hasn’t Italy offered asylum to Asia Bibi, with the offer of a job?

    So why is Pakistan still keeping this poor women in prison except for the one, that either a prison officer or someone with access to her, will murder Asia.

    1. PS:

      That is the only reason I can think of. If Asia is murdered while in prison or while being taken to court, the matter is settled quite nicely, thank you – Asia punished according to Islamic law, Pakistan authorities get off the charge of not letting her go, while at the same complying with sharia.

  2. Maybe it’s time to consider how that part of the world would look
    as a glass parking lot…….how much insanity can one world endure!

    1. Removing the Kaaba and disposing it somewhere would be the preferable method.

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