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For the life of me I can’t see any problem in letting a woman decide for herself whether she wants to drive or take a cab. One interesting point left unmentioned here is whether a woman can leave her home without a male guardian. That’s the bigger issue of the two. KGS

What will become of these fine lasses?

Also: Israeli rabbis say women must not drive (The TT shakes its head. Oy)

Saudi parliament to debate allowing women to drive

By Staff
Published Thursday, January 06, 2011
Saudi Arabia’s appointed parliament is set to debate a law to break a long-standing ban on women to drive cars after receiving a letter signed by more than 100 people, newspapers in the Gulf kingdom reported on Wednesday.

The letter, signed by 128 men and women, was addressed to Shura Chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Shaikh, asking him to open a debate on a law allowing women in the conservative Moslem nation to drive.

“The Shura council agreed to discuss the issue of allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia at its sessions in the next few weeks,” Kabar daily said.

The letter noted that many Saudi women drive cars outside the kingdom, the world’s largest oil exporter, as they hold international driving licences. The signatories said the new law is needed to match the development of the Saudi society and save women from daily agonies of trying to find a taxi. “You and any Saudi national should not accept that the dignity of the Saudi woman is spilt on streets every day as she struggles to find a taxi cab to go shopping, or to go to work, hospital or school…we ask you to discuss allowing women to drive and enforce this law on a trial basis in the beginning.”

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