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But that’s not the way they’re spinning it!

UPDATE: Barry Rubin validates the the TT’s point:

“So far, every single Wikileaks document–released by people who hate Israel (at least one of the Wikileaks staffer being a known extremist antisemitic nut)–has made Israel look good and has proven that its analysis of regional politics has been correct.”

How Israel throttled Gaza

AFTENPOSTEN: Wikileaks documents showing how Israel planned that 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza would be held “on the edge of the cliff” through economic sanctions

Read embassy documents relating to this matter to the right of the article. Read all embassy documents we have published on this site (In Norwegian) .


Israeli officials, intelligence agencies and politicians give in secret stamped documents from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv an unbiased and almost cynical view of Israel’s economic blockade of the Gaza Strip, which inflicted the 1.5 million Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip suffering.

“As part of their overall embargo plan against Gaza, Israeli officials confirmed on many occasions that the goal is to keep Gaza’s economy on the brink of collapse, without pushing it over the edge,” the U.S. Embassy 3 November 2008 under the title “Pengeløs in Gaza?”.

“The plan is to keep the Gaza economy in the function at the lowest possible level without getting a humanitarian crisis.”

The day after the embassy summed up the situation – and while Barack Obama was elected president of the United States – was the 5-month-long ceasefire between Israel and Hamas breached. Israeli forces attacked a Hamas targets in Gaza, supposedly to stop an attempt to kidnap an Israeli soldier. Hamas responded by sending rockets at several Israeli towns. A few weeks later started the war.

Now folks, the way the highly anti-Israel Aftenposten spins the information contained in the Wikileaks files, is typical for that organization, they have a real hard lust for sticking it to Israel, and they’ll do it ever which way they can.

Israel is of course well within its rights in trying to destroy a terrorist political/religious entity bent on the destroying the Jewish state. The big news here is, is that the Israelis, early on, were concerned about not creating a real humanitarian situation inside the Gaza Strip, and these cables prove that to have been the case.

Only a highly over-the-top anti-Israel news organization could come up with a headline like that one, and an article that twists reality on its ear. But this is Norway in question, whose methodology in news reporting strongly resembles something coming from INGSOC.

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  1. Well, no surprise as neither Aftenposten nor Aftonbladet are in any way objective observers of the Middle East. In our latest post on the Sweden Israel and the Jews blog, ( ) we again discuss terror-supporting NGOs which receive Swedish (and Norwegian) government subsidies. Anne Herzberg of NGO Monitor points out that even Hamas has cited figures indicating that the militant casualty statistics are in line with Israeli figures. Yet these NGOs are still posting inflated numbers with highly falsified figures for civilian casualties. No objectivity anywhere in the media or government, it seems. These lies formed the basis of the U.N.’s bogus Goldstone Commission inquest and findings. In short, another case of Scandinavian tax dollar hard at work smearing Israel and the IDF.

    1. Sadly Chanah, you’re right. These media types deserve ridicule and to be satired.

  2. I see it now. Damned muslims.. I am sick-to-death of their propaganda…
    They even phuk-up good men Like my friend: Noor…

  3. Did you notice that Norway’s Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, says Hamas will open “Embassy” in Norway?

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