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Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld: High time to start
calling a spade, a spade, don’t you think?

The Tundra Tabloids was forwarded this interview of Dr.Gerstenfeld which appeared in the Dutch (Anti-Israeli) daily NRC Handelsblad on New Year’s Eve. According to a Dutch source the result of the enormous success of Dr.Gerstenfeld’s book Het Verval: Joden in een stuurloos Nederland, has been very great. According to some, the book has made far more of an international splash in the last few years than any other non-fiction book written in Dutch. The first edition is also sold out. KGS

NOTE: For more on Job Cohen, click here.

Gerstenfeld attacks Dutch Labor Party Leader

In an interview with the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad on New Year’s Eve, dealing with the appearance of his best-selling book, Het Verval: Joden in een stuurloos Nederland (The Decay: Jews in a Rudderless Netherlands), Author Manfred Gerstenfeld attacks Dutch Labor Party Leader Job Cohen. Gerstenfeld says that Cohen is the leader of a perverse party. He is a man without a backbone who is responsible for an anti-Israeli election platform. He has little normative understanding – it is as if he wears a mask where one cannot see what is behind it.

Gerstenfeld says that Cohen’s major policy aim when he was Mayor of Amsterdam was to
“keep things together.” He comments: “I have worked in Sicily and have seen there what
“keeping things together” means. The Mafia sees to it that the politicians are elected, the politicians then protect the Mafia. When I was a child in Amsterdam, in the Red Light District, matters were “kept together” also. The strongmen there didn’t want anyone to make trouble, because that was bad for business.”

Gerstenfeld says that Cohen’s approach as Mayor of Amsterdam is a much weaker form of the same modus operandi. He should have protected the weak – the Jews who were attacked – and that he did not do. He only protected the rights of the strongest.

Job Cohen: Under my party’s governance, the meek will definitely not inherit the earth.

UPDATE: Ned May writing at Breitbart’s BigPeace has more, much more to add to this story, click here.

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  1. I just replied seconds ago on your reply and now it’s gone. I have a new laptop, maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s my fault. Silly me 🙂

  2. Isn’t this book a little out of date? The Netherlands can hardly be called “rudderless” at the present time with Job and his party out of government and Rutte being strongly influenced by Holland’s most popular parliamentarian. The Netherlands is leading the other European countries in regard to Islamisation. No, not rudderless but full of direction!

    I have not read this book but the title intrigues me. The non-rudderless government is saying, is it not, that immigration and Islamisation in Holland is resulting in decay, in the decay of the Judaeo-Christian heritage and traditions. So the decay is being halted now!

    Since the author asserts that a rudderless Netherlands is related to the decay, and since he brackets a rudderless Netherlands with Jews, does he mean that both Jews and a rudderless Netherlands are responsible for the decay in Holland? I can hardly think so but can be forgiven for wondering, especially when the target of this article from the book is about the leadership of one particular Jew.

    But my main point is that, surely, this book is way out of date in the currently progressive Netherlands.

    1. It goes much deeper than just one person, and Gerstenfeld knows this. It’s an accurate critique on the SDP party that he represents, whose ideology has been incorporated and co-opted by the other parties. It’s not about Jews steering the Netherlands into the abyss, but the socialists and those who have taken up their banner and talking points as their own. Gerstenfeld does indeed know what he’s talking about and where to place the blame and the pressure for the most effect.

  3. KGS, my long reply to you as disappeared. This is not the first time this has happened. I pressed the button just like last time which succeeded. I was joining in conversation with you but I don’t feel like repeating myself, especially when even that may not get through.

    1. I can’t say what happened to it, your previous one is there that I responded to. I didn’t delete it.

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