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The Tundra Tabloids reported the other day on the Shiia mosque being built from a former restaurant on the east side of Helsinki, that has caused a lot of people to become upset. And for good reason, they were never asked if they would like a Shiia mosque in their neighborhood. That’s to be expected in a country where the statist mentality pretty much rules the day.

What’s interesting this time around (and thanks to Vasarahammer for the HT) is that a former officer in the Finnish military and Doctor of Military sciences, Jarno Limnéll, is throwing his support behind the building of not only the mega mosque in Finland, but also of the Ground Zero mosque in NYC. He draws the comparison between the two initiatives, and applauds them both.

Eastern Helsinki Mellunmäki and New York have at least one thing. Both are building mosques and Islamic cultural centers. In both places the matter has vigorously stirred up people’s feelings.


Finland seems to take the U.S. model. Anyway, if you followed yesterday’s online discussion generated by the news reporting on the Mellunmäki construction project, a majority are opposed to it. Petition for annulment of the projects have been collected in the United States as in Finland.

I think both projects are worthwhile. They show that in Western countries it is able to practice tolerance and respect for other religions. The projects are to be supported, not condemned.

You see the arrogance folks? The self anointed elite couldn’t care less that a majority of people are against the project, when a political agenda is the objective, the peoples’ voice matters little to them, they’re an annoyance to be circumvented without too much notice…if possible.

Islamist terrorist movements have often dominated our images of Islam. They represent, however, a vanishingly small number of the world’s 1.57 billion Muslims. Radical Islamist terrorism is not due to Islam, but due to the fact that certain groups and individuals view religion as a justification for their political ends. The majority of Islam is a religion of peace. We Westerners have to learn to live together with moderate Muslims – it is a winning situation for both. Construction projects will contribute to the moderate message of Islam, and is a drop of extreme Islamic movements, who want the escalation of conflicts.

Thankfully the comment section to Limnéll’s blog post is adequately debunking his statements. As it has been often said before, “the problem with fundamentalist Islam, are Islam’s fundamentals.” That there are ‘peace loving’ Muslims is irrelevant, what matters most is that the overwhelming majority of Islamic texts are highly violent, intolerant, anti-Semitic and hateful “of the other”, and fully approved by all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. In short, Jarno Limnéll doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s just repeating bromides he heard at the lecture halls where the “Islam is the religion of peace” mantra has been preached.

He continues:

The European Police Office and the U.S. security authorities are predicting “individual terrorism” will gather strength. These are mostly within the Western society of ordinary people making a living and, at worst, widespread destruction, generating a terrorist attack. The main reason for the phenomenon is a society of exclusion and the feeling of exclusion. Such a man is an excellent recruitment of extremists, and extremely difficult to combat the threat. Intolerance contribute most to the threat of intensification.

Well as we all know here, this is a bald faced lie of a statement, it’s not to say that there aren’t a few individuals like this in the ranks of the jihad, but how many more jihadis -who have been found to have been doctors, engineers and have filled other professions- have there to be before people like Limnéll wake the hell up and stop propagating these myths as truth?

Islam and many other religions have reached Finland and are growing stronger all the time. The simplest case is about how we react to this change. It’s also at the same time about their own security.

I strongly recommend to explore the moderate Muslim leader, Feisal Ab-dul Rauf’s, book “What’s Right with Islam is What’s Right with America.”His strongest argument is to stress that both the Americans and Muslims will benefit from the various faiths of people able to live in harmony with each other. His vision of Islam and the West is a peaceful coexistence, the Times editor Fareed Zakaria said, a nightmare for Osama bin Laden. That Message is an excellent one for Mellunmäki.

Staggering cognitive dissonance. On one hand it’s about our security, and on the other hand it’s about living in harmony. Well it’s Islam that has showed itself throughout the centuries as being a monoculture based society that’s completely incapable in living in ‘harmony with other religions and cultures, at least for long. Sooner or later when their numbers reach a critical mass, the long knives come out, with the former whining and complaining replaced with solid statements of intimidation.

It has happened everywhere throughout the centuries wherever Islam has washed ashore, and yet these imbeciles will demand yet more tolerance and appeasement of this highly intolerant ideology, then later when its their own backs to the wall, blame themselves and our society for the violence because we weren’t inclusive enough. It’s insanity.

Take a look at the praise this guy heaps upon this imam slum lord of NYC, Feisal Ab-dul Rauf’, who’s nothing more than a sharia promulgator and dawa expert, that by the way, Frank Gaffney from the Center of Security Policy (CPS), has zeroed in on over the past few years, and who states the following about him:

The news peg for this segment was Rauf’s announcement that he is going to begin next month a nationwide tour of college campuses and other venues.  The ostensible goal is to promote “understanding” and “tolerance” through speeches, interviews and interfaith dialogue.  In fact, the real purpose is dawa – the systematic, highly disciplined and aggressive effort to proselytize and recruit adherents to shariah. Dawa is the engine behind what the Ikhwan has dubbed the “process of settlement,” a term used to describe the phased insinuation and ultimate triumph of shariah in lands where it has yet to be established. Dawa is the precursor to jihad.

Faisal Rauf’s dawa agenda (see his book whose Malaysian title was A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America post 9/11.) is largely indistinguishable from that of the Muslim Brotherhood.   As we discussed on O’Reilly last night, the MB laid out its vision two decades ago in a strategic plan that was introduced into evidence in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terrorism-financing trial.  According to this document, the Brotherhood’s self-declared mission is “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their [American] hands and the hands of the believers.”

This is the man and the organization he represents, the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan), that Jarno Limnéll is championing. The Tundra Tabloids would wager that Limnéll isn’t even aware of the MB’s designs on the West, in the US let alone Europe, nor of ties the Ground Zero Mega Mosque imam has with them. He’s spouting of boilerplate MB talking points and hasn’t a clue of their real significance and what is at play here.

Remember folks, Jihad is for the instituting of Islamic sharia where it never existed before, and dawa (proselytizing and outright lying for the benefit of Islam) is to harken the day for the eventual jihad. We will be that much closer to that eventuality if we choose to listen to people of the likes of Jarno Limnéll. KGS

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  1. Even if we split(wrongly) islam in ” moderates” and “radicals”, the radicals are not those who are dangerous, but those moderates supported by Limnell, who are penetrating and flooding society all over by soft means, because there are so many moderate muslims and they have allready accepted jihad against us as an divine duty, even if they have not started it physically yet.

    1. Hi Kari, the so called moderates are as much resistant to change as the hard liners. Their lying about exactly what their koran stands for is proof enough to me.

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