Lars Vilks


The leader of Islam sitting on his haunches in all of his glory. Beautifully done! KGS

Commenter Liban Sickness on Lars Vilks’Facebook page:
“Will fuck your granny pussy your grandmother your syters and your mother all those on the same edge o the compilation dung to put them in place o late to be yes halss stab you”

Lars Vilks: Congratulations Liban. At last, a young Muslim who does not incite to hatred. Thank you for not using “gay” as insults. Moreover, fun text you wrote. You must be good at essays at school.

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  1. Beautifully drawn and should be 2011’s letterhead for all the millions of antijihad warriors , blogs , websites and activists world wide.
    We have a dumb rabid dog in the streets of our civilized western societies and we need to run it down.

    1. Hear hear George. Islam has to be defeated, which means wising the people up even to the point where we might face political sanction by the authorities.

      1. mohamed will forever known as the murdering, raping warlord that he was. He now rests in the pit of hell with molten lead being poured into his mouth.

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