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Awhh, it’s just too difficult for the moonbat Lefty to understand, so let’s just make sh*t up as we go along. Sad thing is, that is exactly the Democratic party line, as well as for a few of the soon to be culled (in Republican primaries), Republican RHINOS.

The US Constitution happens to be the most important document ever drafted by a group of politicians in the history of the world, Ezra Klein however, would rather use it as toilet paper. Like Breitbart states, “Klein is the Lib media’s best and brightest”, but for the rest of us, he’s a moron. KGS

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    1. Let me stop you right there. Does the way the Democrats consistently read the constitution limit or expand government? You’re going to have to explain your answer in the light of the fact that underlines the extraordinary thinking behind making of that document. A large cadre of politicians and public servants sat around tables hammering out an incredible document that intrinsically limits their own power, the power of the government. How many politicians can boast of anything even coming close to that?

      Small federal government living and existing within the confines of the US Constitution could never become the overbearing monster it has come to represent today. It’s not that people can’t understand it, it’s that there’s been a systematic move to not understand it and bypass it altogether because of political agendas. Supporting the US Constitution means more Republicanism, not less, it’s that reason and that reason alone why the DEMs and their crony, RINOS only pay it lip service. Ezra Klein holds that document with disdain.

      Those who reject Republicanism reject, and sadly miss out on the uniqueness of that document.

      If the Constitution was strictly adhered to, you would see far more “will of the people” represented in every corner of the US, which would differ from state to state. You would see people moving to states that best represent their views if need be and that they were serious about it enough to move. The constitution doesn’t restrict the will of the people, but of an imposing government. If the people overwhelmingly in California want Gay marriage, bing, the state has that right. If the people in Michigan want to ban it, bing, that’s their right to do so. and so on and so on.

      Treating the US Constitution as an “old outdated” piece of parchment is the road to tyranny.

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