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  1. Do not believe this man
    Amr Khaled, a quorum
    The original career as an accountant in the Pepsi-Cola
    Arab peoples are non-educated and ignorant, even if the Muslims ruled over Europe
    The whole world will lose
    I love Europe, because its origins and history
    The Arabs do not have assets such as North Africa
    They are bastards and foundlings

  2. .. bombing and other usual responses ..
    Spoken as a true follower of the Religion of Peace.

  3. I love how MEMRI, Kitman and PalWatch point these things out. Our MSM would never ever show stuff like this.

  4. Nothing new here; the plain unvarnished truth that birth rate (from the Mulsim perspective determines destiny – in this case the destiny of Europe.

    Europeans need to do their own individual random samples of their non-muslim friends.

    Are you planning to have children? If so, how many?

    How many children do you have?

    In most instances I venture to say the answer will be one or two – very rarely more than two.

    Meantime, Muslim families are having as many children as possible. All on welfare of course.

    I wonder what the average family size among Somalis in Finland is?

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