Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


Well if not for the inconvenient truth of their being entirely legal, the anti-peace Fakestinians could have had a plausible shot at being successful. The Tundra Tabloids however says, build baby build. KGS

NOTE: UNSC 242 and the speakers involved in its approval made it clear that Israel would not be retuning to the same lines of 48′, the lines of cease fire. Those who want to rewrite history can go pound sand.

Palestinians Fakestinians target settlements in UN resolution

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) – The Palestinians plan to ask the U.N. Security Council in the coming days to declare Israeli settlements illegal and demand a halt to their construction, officials said Wednesday, in a high stakes gamble aimed at increasing pressure on Israel.

A draft of the resolution obtained by The Associated Press calls the settlements obstacles to peace but does not ask for sanctions against Israel or any other concrete action.

This would be a key element in a Palestinian campaign to rally international support for independence, even without a peace deal. Officials said the strategy reflects their disillusionment with sputtering U.S. peace efforts and Palestinian distrust of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The move—largely aimed at seeking U.S. support—bears huge risks.

The U.S. has already balked at the resolution and might veto it. Even a U.S. abstention, a more likely option, would greatly diminish the resolution’s significance.

Israel blasted the measure as an effort to avoid negotiations.

The White House launched the latest round of peace talks on Sept. 2, but they broke down just three weeks later with the expiration of a limited Israeli freeze on West Bank settlement construction.

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