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How much you want to bet that the hapless lass was raped, most likely repeatedly, by her employer, and after she became pregnant, the only course of action for her, in an act of self preservation, was to abort the baby. Now she’s arrested, and facing who knows what kind of stiff punishment. KGS


TSN: You seduced your employer whore, so it’s all your fault

Maid buries aborted baby in employer’s garden

Published Tuesday, December 28, 2010
emirates 24/7: An Indonesian housemaid in Saudi Arabia aborted her baby and buried it in the garden of her employer’s house, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

The Saudi employer phoned the police after he noticed the maid was bleeding heavily and her blood covered many parts of the house and the garden, the Arabic language daily Okaz said in a report from the Western port of Jeddah.

After investigation, the maid admitted she had aborted the baby and buried it in the garden, the paper said, adding the unnamed maid was arrested.

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