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Indonesia, though long having been a majority Muslim country, is being Islamized, and can no longer be deemed as a ‘moderate’ Islamic state, but as a traditional Islamic state that ‘tolerates’ its non-Muslim population as long as they do not try to lift themselves as equals to the Muslim majority. Come on folks, (those of you who are still fence sitters) how many more examples do we have to show you before you figure it out?

Islam is a monoculture society, and believing that it’ll incorporate itself inside a ‘multiculture’ society, and not try to dominate it, is utter foolishness. Just look at these people forced to conduct Christmas services in a parking lot for crying out loud. KGS

NOTE: This is not comparable to the Muslims taking over streets in Europe on Friday evenings to pray. Their events are meant to show strength and to intimidate the local populace while encouraging a more Islamic life in the district.


West Java: Catholics celebrate Christmas Mass in a parking lot

by Mathias Hariyadi

Asian News: An order by Bogor Regency prohibits members of the Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church from engaging in any public activity, ostensibly because they lack a proper place of worship. Muslim extremist groups increasingly threaten Indonesia’s Christians.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Hundreds of members of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in Parung (West Java) celebrated Mass under the sun and in a tent set up in the parking lot of the Marsudirini Elementary School. Bogor Regency chief’s prohibition of Christmas celebration was thus not repealed despite repeated attempts by Tulang Kuning Church leaders to negotiate with local authorities.

The latter justified their decision citing the lack of a permit to build a church. Without it, the local parish is not allowed to perform any public functions even on its own land.

According to Indonesia’s constitution however, no one has the right to prohibit any religious community from practicing its faith and celebrating its rites and services. Yet with the rising influence of Islamic radicals, the constitution has been repeatedly violated as local authorities kowtow to Muslim extremists and show greater hostilities towards Christians.

The Parish of Saint John the Baptist has at least 3,000 members. In April of this year, dozens of Muslim extremists threatened those from the community in Tulang Kuning, preventing them from celebrating Easter Mass.

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