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In Saudi speak, rape is marriage, submission is liberty, so why all the fuss in forbidding daughters to marry? I’ll tell you why they’re getting upset about fathers forbidding their daughters to get marries, it’s all about the males, and the slow drying up of the female pool. The authorities are scared about the increasing number of restless unmarried males, not about any “female rights”, remember, they’re chattel to bargained over like yesterday’s camel. KGS

Concerns over ‘baseless’ suitor rejection alarm Saudi

RIYADH (Khaled al-Shaei)

Saudi activists and family affairs experts voiced their concerns over parents’ unjustified rejection of suitors and warned of the grave consequences on both the girls and the society.

Despite the absence of accurate statistics, reports stress the alarming prevalence of parents’ constant rejection of suitors that prove suitable for their daughters.

Within the past five months, the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) received more than 50 complaints from girls whose parents refused to marry them off with no justification, and more than 480 cases of unjustified marriage rejection have been taken to court during 2010, compared to 213 cases in 2007.

A pre-Islamic era practice “adl” in marriage, where a father prevents his daughter from marrying a compatible man, was later prohibited by the advent of Islam, said Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and head of the Senior Scholars Association.

“I warn parents’ stubbornness with their daughters whether by forcing them to marry against their will or preventing them from marrying men that are suitable,” he said.

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