US Congressman Myrick is right, the problem of Islam has to be addressed, but using the Europeans as a mentor, all the while they’re paving the way towards their own Islamization, is fool hardy. KGS

US home-grown terrorists ‘a global threat’, warns congresswoman

America’s home-grown terrorists are now a ‘global threat’ and the US should look to Europe to learn how to deal with the problem, a prominent US congresswoman has warned Barack Obama.

In a letter to the president, a member of the House of Representatives select committee on intelligence, says that America is for the first time exporting Islamist terrorism.

She accuses the US of complacency in dealing with the issue and says the country in “far behind” Europe in having measures in place to deal with the growing problem of the radicalisation of young men and their willingness to carry out terror attacks.

Her letter marks a departure from a long-held view in the US that Britain is the biggest threat to the US as a result of its position as a staging point for extremists from Pakistan, the Middle East and East Africa.

In her letter, Mrs Myrick writes: “For many years we lulled ourselves with the idea that radicalisation was not happening inside the United Sates.

“We believed American Muslims were immune to radicalisation because, unlike the European counterparts, they are socially and economically well-integrated into society.

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NOTE: Islam corrupts everything it touches.

2 Responses

  1. Myrick is quite courageous and deserves our support.

    However, this latest report on her is disappointing.

    “winning hearts and minds.”

    Of Muslims?

    To what end?

    Why would we want to do that?

    Even if that was a possibility, (it isn’t, it is an absurdity) why would we want people among us who are religiously obliged to hate us, to deceive, to wipe us out and replace us and liberal democracy with the Mohammedan system?

    1. I agree Sheik, there is no sense in her statements surrounding what to do with Islam in general. Winning their hearts and minds is a mugs game, with our eventual islamization the prize for all of our naive efforts in bending over backwards. She gets it on one respect but loses it elsewhere.

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