Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


A.Lieberman: The Arabs are not even that close to wanting peace

As long as they (the Arabs) reject ending their war with the Jewish state, it will continue, it’s that simple. KGS

Israeli foreign minister: peace is ‘impossible’

JERUSALEM – Israel’s foreign minister said Sunday a peace deal with the Palestinians is impossible under current conditions and that Israel should pursue a lesser deal instead — a concept the Palestinians swiftly rejected.

The latest diplomatic spat between the two sides came as violence along the Israel-Gaza border simmered. After days of accelerated Palestinian rocket attacks on southern Israel and Israeli airstrikes in response, Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians on the border early Sunday.

Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, told a conference of Israeli diplomats that instead of a full peace deal, Israel should seek a long-term, interim agreement on security and economic matters. Palestinians have consistently rejected that approach.

“It’s not only that it is impossible” to reach an overall agreement, he said. “It is simply forbidden.”

Lieberman said the West Bank Palestinian Authority — with whom Israel has pledged to negotiate — is “not legitimate” because it has postponed elections. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas remains in office though his term expired almost a year ago, and there is no date for a new election.

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  1. He is right, you know. I don’t understand why people see him as a fool, he is one out of a few who actually gets it. He’s no lefty, maybe that’s it.

      1. LOL! I like John Bolton, after all he is the stache
        I’m looking forward to the US elections, I really like Bolton, West and Rubio. No more Obama, what a relief that would be

        1. What a relief indeed, not to have a Black, ethnic-chauvinist president (voted for by 83% of American Jews). But the forces of disintegration have already been set in motion within the U.S., so the notion of a President for all 50 states may itself become an antiquated notion, unfortunately. Merry Christmas!

  2. This story has come and gone so fast nobody but a few people even noticed. I’ll bet some clod at AP thought this would be a big splashy story about how Israel’s “rightwing” FM is a roadblock to peace.

    It’s funny! This was NOT big news in Israel.

    At first I thought this was somewhat un-diplomatic (even unprofessional) of Lieberman. However, given the way the Israeli press let it come and go, the thought occurred to me that perhaps saying that which is obvious to all is actually the MOST diplomatic thing.

    I think the only reason this was news in the U.S. MSM was because they could use it to make Israel look like they are the roadblock to peace. Unfortunately for the U.S. MSM, if Lieberman had said something that terribly outrageous, the Israeli press would have been raving about it for days. Instead, the reaction in Israel is “ho hum” and it’s on to other stories.

    Even the U.S. MSM couldn’t milk this story! I mean… maybe it was not the most graceful piece of prose. Maybe AP quoted Lieberman out of context. The real fact is that it was so true, even the ARABS knew it was true. That killed the story faster than anything.

    It’s that just the way it goes! Find a news story about the War Against Israel that is actually TRUE and it’s DOA.

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