Gaza Flotilla


These morons are boringly predictable. No one internationally cares anymore about their sailing adventures to break both Israel’s and Egypt’s totally legal anti-weapons blockade of the Gaza Strip, but they set sail nonetheless because, well, they’re morons. KGS

NOTE: Nothing sets sail from a Syrian port without government approval, so this tells you the true motives of the people involved.

Bashar Assad, president of Iranian colony of Syria:
I just love using these European stooges, I’m reminded of myself

Syrian Flotilla Ship to Set Sail for Gaza

Reported: 10:44 AM – Dec/26/10
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Arutz Sheva: Despite recent reports that markets in Gaza were full and that the area was undergoing an economic revitalization, a group of 150 international anarchists is insisting on sailing to Gaza. The ship is to leave from Syria on Sunday, and among the crew are several anarchists who participated in the May Gaza flotilla from Turkey. Israeli defense officials are taking precautions to ensure that the ship is unable to approach Gaza, and that it is turned back without incident.

Meanwhile, the Mavi Marmara, one of the ships from the May flotilla that has been in Israeli custody since it was disarmed, is set to return to Turkey Sunday. A mass celebration is planned in Istanbul when the ship comes into port; it will be greeted by thousands of people, and hundreds of small craft will accompany it into port.

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