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  1. Cantique de Noël – Jonas Kaufmann

    Here is an interesting example of a singer who sings in two languages, one after the other. He sings the first part in the original French (not his native language), then switches to his native German. His voice in the first part is good, and the words are clear. But listen to what happens when he changes language. Suddenly the tone is more plangent, more resonant, the words more heartfelt, the high notes thrilling.

    Is this because he is more at ease in his native tongue, or because he wanted to build up in power as he progressed? (Or did the engineer turn up the volume on the second part?)

    Kaufmann is one of today’s best-known German tenors who sings in different languages. The video is from the 2008 Dresden Adventskonzert.


  2. I saw this and it’s so funny. His tweets are mostly in Dutch, but often very funny.

  3. Merry Christmas Tundra Tabloids, and less (TT:edited) immigration in 2011!

    1. The “less non-White” part of your comment, pretty much ruins your Christmas greetings to the Tundra Tabloids. There’s other ways to say your point and make a real good case then sounding like a knuckle dragger. Here is what someone commented at Vlad Tepes blog and I can’t disagree with it:


      Genocide by Assimilation

      “It is said that there is this RACE problem. They say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

      “The Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”
      “Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

      “What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY Black Country and ONLY into black countries?”

      “How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem? I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”
      “And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

      “But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am ANAZIWHOWANTSTOKILLSIXMILLIONJEWS.”

      They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
      What they call for is GENOCIDE

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