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No more dim lights at restaurants in Riyadh

By Staff
Published Saturday, December 25, 2010
Emirates 24/7: Restaurants in the Saudi capital Riyadh are no longer allowed to turn the lights down under a new royal decision that also stipulated sex segregation, the Saudi online Arabic language daily Ajel reported on Saturday.

Restaurants were given three months to abide by the new rules, endorsed by Prince of Riyadh, Emir Sattam bin Abdul Aziz, the paper said.

“Under the new rules, all restaurants are not allowed to have dim lights and must have separate sections for women and families,” it said.

“The separation can be done by erecting barriers between the sections..…some of these barriers must be mobile so they can be used when the need arises.”

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  1. The vast wealth from oil allows the Saudis to implement the most ridiculous rules of society. You have to ask how such a society can be in complete denial about the stupidity of Islam, but Saudis wouldn’t dare criticize it as STUPID. That would be even stupider and get you killed.

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