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Let the Tundra Tabloids say it here and now, that Finnish FM, Alexander Stubb is an EU cheerleading lap dog, whom the TT wouldn’t trust as far as it could spit. The man thinks first and foremost (IMHO) not as a Finnish Foreign Minister, but as someone in a key position to promote EU policies.

The man could care less that EU membership rips apart Finnish sovereignty, and that the recently (forced and highly unpopular) EU constitution, dubbed the Lisbon Treaty, makes it possible for Finns to be arrested for something not illegal under Finnish law, and transported to the EU state where it is.

The ‘statist’ Alexander Stubb is an EU federalist first, a distant Finn second.

Stubb, like most of the Finnish government, are a bunch of traitors to their own people, who take to the art of lying like a duck takes to water. It’s sickening to see these people attain power with the same ease in which they hand it over to Brussels.

For all of my fellow Finns who read this blog, this has to be made into a serious political wedge issue. Why are our politicians not telling us what is actually in the Lisbon Treaty, that we have to read elsewhere how our sovereign state is nothing more than a fiction. This explains the zeal in which the Finnish government is persecuting those of us who dare to peel back the curtain surrounding Islam.

Just think my fellow Finns, if and when the Turks are admitted into the EU, and they begin to systematically demand offending Europeans to be arrested for insulting Islam and the Turkish state (the mere talking of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish state would do it), and there’s nothing that the Finnish police can do but to arrest fellow Finns and send them to Ankara (which ironically means severe or harsh in Finnish).

Think about it hard, especially in preparation for the next elections, when these punks come around fishing for votes.  KGS

The meaning of that joint article

Hurriyet: Recently, The New York Times published a joint article penned by four foreign ministers, William Hague of Great Britain, Franco Frattini of Italy, Carl Bildt of Sweden and Alexander Stubb of Finland, which supported the full membership of Turkey in the European Union. In this joint article, the four foreign ministers describe the meaning of European integration as strengthening the rule of law, common European values and standards all over the continent. In this context, they say that blocking new chapters in order to stop the negotiations between Ankara and Brussels is against these principles.

There are so many reasons for this support: the mission of European integration is still incomplete; recent economic crisis and serious economic problems of some member countries almost stopped the integration process. Recently, Turkey became a new growth engine of the region, it is a bridge between East and West, fulfilling various duties such as security, trade and being an energy corridor. Turkey is, as they say, in a class of its own.

The problem is that governments in some other key countries like France and Germany do not want to approve those reasons, even if they believe that four foreign ministers are telling the truth. Furthermore, with this attitude they are also strengthening the negative public opinion in their countries about Turkey’s full membership.

Some Turks get angry when they listen to Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy and their intentions about Turkey’s place in the western hemisphere. It is not of course rational to get angry at what they say. They are politicians and obviously they try to please their constituencies. It means that the percentage of European people who dislike Turks is more important than what these two leaders say.

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  1. The UK is on the decline and Italy is not looking too flash either, come to think of it.

    Their opinion won’t resonate with France or Germany who are the two most influential European nations.

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