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Oh, they’ll be labeled racists and bigots and Islamophobes for their efforts. They’re not behaving as the multiculturalists have dictated, that being: showing great enthusiasm to be the-all-new-inclusive/tolerant-of-other-cultures-Finn. They will be deemed guilty as charged for refusing to applaud while they see their own culture spinning around the drain. KGS

Already 30 000 demand a traditional Christmas in schools

Ilta-Sanomat: Demand for a traditional Christmas at schools has led to small people’s movement in Finland. By Tuesday afternoon more than 30 000 people had signed a petition in favor of kindergartens and schools having a traditional Christmas party. The petition, also favored on Facebook is exceptionally high and it has provoked a lively debate – for and against.

It is about whether the children’s Christmas party can have new songs and program numbers, but also familiar and traditional songs and shows.

Now, especially in the metropolitan area, many schools have abandoned it altogether, including pictures of Christmas angels and hymn-singing. Changes of the times is the justification for the change. In the background are both demands of Finns without religion and the desire that schools ensure that immigrants are not offended.

The opponents to the (TT: traditional Finnish Christmas hymn) “Angel of Heaven” hymn also include a group of Finnish researchers, artists and intellectuals. For example, semiotician Vaula Norrena and rapper Steen1 ( Teemu Lampela ) oppose it vigorously. Norrena declares that I am “shocked,” of the presentation of the hymn.

– The hymn is summarized in the Gospel, if it is not a religious declaration, then what is, Norrena asks.

– It is highly unethical to tell fables to children that are not true, Lampela said.

Ilta-Sanomat has a number of parental contacts, and has opened a petition in favor of a traditional Christmas to get their voices heard. Parents have experienced, that they do not have no channel to express their views.

Allow an old-fashioned Christmas can be sign the petition at the Ilta-Sanomat web site. The Ilta-Sanomat will submit the petition to the Minister of Education.

Petition text can be found here.

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  1. Will somebody please reassure me that the Finnish Lutheran Church is not virtually an apostate institution, and that contrary to my misgivings is (in fact) fighting for the retention of a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings of Christmas?

    As for atheists who agitate against Christmas traditions, here’s a modest suggestion; Why not just peacefully go about your own business, and leave believers to celebrate what for Christians is still one of the most important times of year on the Christian calendar?

    And while we are all about it – wherever we live – can we please stop worrying about whether we are offending or not offending Muslims by what we do in our own communities?

    Muslims do things every day of the week that are offensive to we kafirs but we just have to put up with it.

    1. Sadly Raymond, it looks like its leaning that way. Only the rank and file have any real connection with the church’s true reason for being, the leadership has been taken over by a bunch of goof balls.

      1. Bright kids who go to University and gain a Degree in Theology are then looking for a career path I venture to say.

        What more appropriate career path, then, than the State Lutheran Church with tenure and a salary to go along with it.

        I wonder how many of today’s Lutheran pastors see their work as a calling and not just a chance to climb the career ladder?

        Just wondering.

  2. Well if they don’t want kids to believe in the Christmas story and call it a fable, wait until they have to read the Koran and believe that MoHAMmad ascended to heaven on a winged horse, and that there are jinns and that you have to first rape a virgin if she is sentenced to death AND that there are 72 virgins waiting in heaven for you when you blow yourself up….. ANd if you are a certain sect, that young children have to cut themselves with knives on Assura….SUCH are demon tales, not even remotely fairy tales.

    1. I can’t find fault with anything you say here Charlotte. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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