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  1. Quote: “If he had found it necessary to state that Britain has a right to exist, “people would wonder what I had been drinking?” he declared.

    Oh, I’m not so sure. Look no further than the Balkanization of Britain in places like Birmingham & Luton in which “British” culture is failing under the cultural enrichment Britain has permitted EU’s betters to enforce. To those who have been following news, not necessarily from the msm, but from valuable bloggers who present actual circumstances, sans any whitewash, such a statement doesn’t seem crazy at all. As for the accusation of drink involved with any such declaration — good luck locating any pub in those very same culturally enhanced neighborhoods.

  2. I think he is right. Just take a look at ‘our’ elite. They don’t support Israel. They have always been pro-Arab (Arabs have never been pro-European, funny) I do think that Israel has many friends in Europe, mostly citizens. I hope we can turn the tide.

    Anyway, merry christmas to everybody

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