This is a great way to start the week, the Tundra Tabloids has been notified by PMW that its excellent videos highlighting Palestinian extremism is back on YouTube, many thanks to TT readers who notified YT, and if you can, stop by PMW and drop them a few bucks to help out with their work, they are a badly needed organization. KGS

NOTE: PMW’s Itamar Marcus has this to say:

Thanks to everyone!! This was a great case of public pressure and public opinion working. All of your blogs and the news, op eds, the thousands of emails to You Tube. And those who called people they knew at Google. This morning – the “palwatch” account is back up. Much thanks to everyone.

UPDATE: Andre at Honest Reporting’s Backspin states that :

Palestinian Media Watch Still Gamed By YouTube

A day later, after coverage by myself in Jerusalem Post, and by Melanie Phillips inthe Spectator, as well as an increasing volume of outrage on blogs and via Twitter, the PMW channel was reinstated, but the viewing counts seem conspicuously low.

The most viewed video was only up to 13,363 views. This was particularly odd when there are Palestinian Media Watch videos like “Gaza flotilla participants invoked killing of Jews” with over 200,000 views. It seems searching for “by palwatch” (no quotes) gives far better results than viewing the channel. In short the channel is now broken as a result of YouTube’s intervention.

The good news is that of the six complaints again Palestinian Media Watch, four of them have now been reversed. You can now, once again, see “Hamas suicide terrorist farewell video: Palestinians drink the blood of Jews,” “PA cleric: Kill Jews, Allah will make Muslims masters over Jews,” and “Hamas suicide farewell video: Jews monkeys and pigs; Maidens reward for killing Jews.”

Three videos remain blocked. “Farewell video before suicide attack of Hamas suicide bomber Adham Ahmad Hujyla Abu Jandal” (formerly at, “Hamas TV teaches kids to kill Jews” formerly at, and “Jews are a virus like Aids” (formerly at

YouTube still needs to fix the indexing problem, and review their earlier mistakes. It seems only the most recent complaints have been reviewed and found to be invalid. The good news is that it seems this is a systematic flaw in Google’s system, not something they intended to do. But the problem is occurring with other pro-Israel accounts.

It seems someone, or some group of new media anti-Israel activists, are gaming the system. They are taking advantage of YouTube’s automated and semi-automated systems to push their agenda slowly through the system. First one complaint, then a second… until eventually the goal is achieved and the channel itself is shut down. Until YouTube can improve the system, and recognise when people are trying to “trick” the system into doing what they want, rather than what it is intended to do, we all have a serious problem. This isn’t helped when YouTube’s manual override is broken and leaves those who have been targeted in a worse position then they were to start with.

For now, YouTube need to find the accounts that are causing these problems and deactivate them. This problem is far greater than Palestinian Media Watch, though the damage done to them must be fixed, and an apology wouldn’t hurt either.

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  1. you might be surprised which accounts were behind this, b/c though the lists are now marked private, a professed counterjihad channel behind YouTube Smackdown supported also by mypetjawa had 3, yes 3, palwatch videos targeted for smackdown …. hopefully, no one was stupid enough to take their suggested advice, & the flagged vids were by the bad guys, but the Smackdown shouldn’t have been so stupid as to have palwatch on their lists in the first place … I personally contacted the group & was the recipient of much abuse by merely pointing out that they were targeting COUNTERjihad channels. (they had such channels like InvestigativeProject, cecil123, 1001Phoenix, D2nddraft, inthebullpen, charlesmartel686, pmwvideos, palwatch, and others, at least 3 of which I know were suspended, hopefully not due to the Smackdown’s stupidity)

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