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The Left are, and always will be, the chief threat to our western society, whether they’re in parliament, in policy making institutions or knuckle draggers in the streets. The Left, whether they be International (Neo-Communists) or National Socialists (Neo-Nazis), they remain a clear and present danger, as well as their fellow utopians, the followers of Mohamed. KGS

Leftists called upon to attack tourism

THE LOCAL: Left-wing extremists are being urged to launch a 2011 campaign against Berlin’s tourism boom by attacking hotels and tourist buses, as well as targeting visitors for petty theft, media reported Monday.

The latest edition of the left-wing radical newspaper Interim contains a “proposal for an anti-tourism campaign 2011,” daily Der Tagesspiegel reported.

The campaign would include “swiping wallets and phones from tables in restaurants, setting fire to cars, attacking hotels, creating rubbish piles, throwing things at tourist buses.”

The author of the statement in the paper argues that tourism is fuelling “gentrification,” which is a growing complaint among the city’s left-wing radicals, who argue that rising affluence can push poorer people out of districts in which they have lived for years.

Berlin’s artistic, creative reputation has been drawing growing numbers of tourists in recent years, especially since the 2006 football World Cup, fuelling a boom in development, with hotels, bars and restaurants springing up in central areas of the capital.

Dozens of cars have been set alight in the past year by suspected left-wing extremists.

“Gentrification seems to have achieved a great victory in the areas in which the battle for free space is happening,” the authors of the call for tourism attacks wrote in Interim.

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  1. Why cant we send Leftists to a place they like and admire – the Gulag.

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