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Another mosque, another nail in the coffin of Europe, congratulations Holland. KGS

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb

Netherlands’ Largest Mosque Opens Doors in Rotterdam

NOVINITE: The Essalam mosque, which is the largest in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Western Europe, has been inaugurated in Rotterdam.

The mosque was officially opened by Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and Alderman Hamit Karakus (Housing and Town Planning) of the Rotterdam municipality. They, respectively Moroccan and Turkish, are Muslims themselves. Among the invited guests were the ambassadors of Dubai and Morocco, reported the Dutch English-language media NIS News.

The construction of the Essalam mosque, which offers space for 1 500 Muslims, took seven years and cost EUR 4 M.

The new mosque, built in a traditional style with 50-meter minarets, is the biggest Islamic house of prayer in the Netherlands and one of the biggest in Western Europe.

The construction of the mosque did not go without trouble over concerns of the foreign funding much of which came from the Maktoum Charity Foundation of Dubai sheikh Hamad bih Rashid al-Maktoum, who also has placed his followers on the mosque management board.

Much opposition to the building existed in the years past, among others among the local population. Construction was halted for months several times.

Rotterdam city council threatened to withdraw the building permit, mainly under pressure from Liveable Rotterdam, the biggest party among white Rotterdammers. As well, a portion of the Moroccan Muslims who would make use of the mosque did not want the intervention from Dubai, NIS News points out.

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  1. What a clown like dancing like a Band Master photo of the Muslim Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb wearing a Hat with inscription Holland, since this photo is published in the column In the article under website have a look for yourself. The question remains as to if is it really this photo related to the occasion of opening ceremony of Essalam Mosque funded by UAE from London Financing Office because Leefbaar Rotterdam Political Opposition Party is against all mosques ? Hamit Karakus of Turkish origin is Municipality Councilor of Housing and Town Planning of Rotterdam as mentioned in the article. Mayor A.Aboutaleb and H.Karakus both are qualified as Engineers in Holland and are from PvdA Dutch Political Party, which was founded by Jews of Amsterdam. Mayor A.Aboutaleb is from Morocco and member of PvdA[Party of the Work] which is clear that it is NOT The Party of Laborers, but rather a party of Work under Trade Unions such as FNV but mostly it is considered as a Labor Party by the Folks in Holland. Thus Dutch Laborers and Immigrants and Refugees always as per choice go for to vote this PvdA. All Mosques have their candidates belonging to either PvdA or CDA[Christian Democrat Appel] or Groen.Links[Green-Left]. In the same way Pakistani Gausia Mosque of Rotterdam-South is promoted by Board of Mosque Members along with Imam Shah convey at Friday Khutaba to Support PvdA and Vote to PvdA a Pakistani Candidate Iqbal Din who is guilty of Human Trafficking though reported but protected by PvdA. The PvdA has Highjacked Muslims whom get manipulated by their own Muslim Opportunists ? All Muslims Candidates of PvdA and other Dutch Political Parties cannot raise a single word against Homosexuality thus indirectly they all are in affirmation of Homosexuality upon and with their own communities. It sounds like Pakistani Imams would ask in India to Support Rama by Indian Muslims to vote to BJB-RSS-VHP while PvdA was founded by Jews of Amsterdam nothing wrong about it they promote Mosques but not the Madrisas they promote Salat but not Islam. The PvdA Jews need respect that they were concerned about Khusher Slaughtering, while Muslims are less worried about Halal Meat in Holland, because Takbir has been permitted on Electric Shocked Cattle as Halal and approved by another Imam Chesti of Pakistani Qartaba Mosque in Rotterdam also known as PIC[Pakistan Information center] Rotterdam, who used to be in Halal Commission, is also serving as Jail Visiting Imam working for Ministry of Justice of Holland in his each action he seems to be compromising on Islam just like Dr.Tahir-ur-Qadri in Canada in the name of Peace on Tuheed. Another Imam Raza from Minhajul Quran working for Dutch Ministry as Jail Visiting Imam gives lectures in favor of Homosexuality NOT to reject Homosexuality but rather in acceptance of Homosexuality in return to show his tolerance towards Homosexuality, while Quran and Bible and Torah prohibits Homosexuality thus Imam Raza is trying to overlap Quran ? How about Dr.Tahir-ur-Qadri can he also overlap Jihad term from Quran like Ahamadi/Qadiyani did or others Bahais or Dureuz speaking of Peace elaborated their Head Offices in Israel this need be answered in what kind of Peace Description ? This shows that all the Imams in Holland or Europe are Compromising Imams on the Arguments of Assertion of Islam they do not clearly define Islam in fear of their Nationality or Jobs while Islam is above all personal aspiration. In Holland and Europe all the Political Parties have passed Qum Lut Practice thus any Muslim Vote to them is in Taied[Confirmation] of such a Taghhut Culture thus also even for the sake of Tolerance has been bargained and is in promotion of Taghut System World-Wide. I am not against Jews or Christians because in my own family we have Muslims and Jews and Christians but as Muslim I stand for Tuheed Monolistice Monotheism and Resalat of Prophet Muhammad Khatim-un-Nabieen Very Last Prophet Ending on Prophethood against all odds of Taghut Justice which comes from Man-Made Laws while Humanity can be sustained through Allah Made Laws.

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