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What did Finland’s former president Martti Ahtisaari know about all this, and why didn’t he do something about it? Enquiring minds want to know. How about you Finnish media types (you know who you are, you’re always logging on to the TT from your office terminals) taking a close look at this story? Just saying. KGS

Kosovo’s Thaçi: Human Organs Trafficker

by Srdja Trifkovic

The details of an elaborate KLA-run human organ harvesting ring, broadly known for years, have been confirmed by a Council of Europe report published on January 15. The report, “Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking of human organs in Kosovo” identifies the province’s recently re-elected “prime minister” Hashim Thaçi as the boss of a “mafia-like” Albanian group specialized in smuggling weapons, drugs, people, and human organs all over Europe. The report reveals that Thaçi’s closest aides were taking Serbs across the border into Albania after the war, murdering them, and selling their organs on the black market. In addition, the report accuses Thaçi of having exerted “violent control” over the heroin trade for a decade.

Deliberate Destrution of Evidence – Long dismissed in the mainstream media as “Serbian propaganda,” the allegations of organ trafficking – familiar to our readers – were ignored in the West until early 2008, when Carla Del Ponte, former Prosecutor at the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague, revealed in her memoirs that she had been prevented from initiating any serious investigation into its merits. She also revealed – shockingly – that some elements of proof taken by ICTY field investigators from the notorious “Yellow House” in the Albanian town of Rripe were destroyed at The Hague, thus enabling the KLA and their Western enablers to claim that “there was no evidence” for the organ trafficking allegations.

In April 2008, prompted by Del Ponte’s revelations, seventeen European parliamentarians signed a motion for a resolution calling on the Assembly to examine the allegations. The matter was referred to the Assembly’s Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, which in June 2008 appointed Swiss senator Dick Marty as its rapporteur. He had gained international prominence by his previous investigation of accusations that the CIA abducted and imprisoned terrorism suspects in Europe.

“Genuine Terror” – In his Introductory Remarks Marty revealed some of the “extraordinary challenges of this assignment”: the acts alleged purportedly took place a decade ago, they were not properly investigated by any of the national and international authorities with jurisdiction over the territories concerned. In addition, Marty went on,

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    Was it a Finnish newspaper that printed a sordid story about Jews trafficking transplant parts? I forget, but it seems that a wildly exaggerated story about Jews doing this sort of thing went virile just a year or two ago. I think you reported the story so I’m hoping you are more familiar with the specifics.

    I mention this because for some strange reason, this story hasn’t gotten a lot of “headline space” in the mainstream media. Yet when the accusation was leveled at Jews (much of the accusation was false, speculative and libelous) it got headlines all over Europe and secondary coverage in the USA.

    I mean… I’m seein’ some hypocrisy here on the part of the media. Wadda ya think?



  2. Thanks Infidel.

    So does that mean this story is getting wide coverage in Sweden? I mean… since they’re so interested in the illegal trafficking human organs, it would seem to be a big story.

    1. It was mentioned briefly on the Nine O’clock News and a couple of the morning newspapers ran articles on the subject, although i’m not sure about the Swedish substitute for toilet paper (Aftonbladet). I did try to retrace articles – two days back – on their Online news portal, but found nothing. I sense that this is one of those stories that is perceived in the leftist-dominated Swedish MSM, as worth mentioning, yet with no deeper news value, because it goes against the phony, politically correct narrative of eternal Muslim victimhood.

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