The facts are, Hamas will use any or all means to further its goal in destroying the Jewish state. The fake president of the P.A., Mahmoud Abbas, is as much of a hater of Israel and desires its destruction as much as the Hamas. So every time these two factions of totalitarians go after each other with guns blazing, the Tundra Tabloids roots for both sides to lose. KGS

Abbas: Hey al-Zahar, stop your grandstanding,
we’re more alike than your willing to admit

NOTE: Only a think tank suckers, research institute maroons and doughy headed politicians believe that a hudna is a great option.

Al-Arabiya: The Palestinians have time in their fight for a state, and Hamas is committed to observing a truce with Israel as it builds a nation, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar told AFP.

“We are not in a hurry to buy or to sell our national interest because this is not the proper market,” he told AFP during a wide-ranging interview conducted in the expansive living room of his Gaza City home.

Zahar derided peace talks as a waste of time, heaping scorn on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for engaging in negotiations, and ruled out recognition of Israel.

But he also stressed Hamas has no plans to launch new attacks on the Jewish state and was instead focusing its efforts on state-building and providing an example of honest Palestinian governance.

“We are not saying ‘wait’ because we are not just sitting here,” he said. “We are reconstructing everything… For the first time, we are really administrating real progress in different ways, on all kinds of things.”

“We are giving a good example of purified administration,” he added.

Long-standing tensions between Hamas and Fatah

Zahar is a Hamas veteran and often considered a co-founder of the group. He was appointed its foreign minister after the group won 2006 parliamentary elections, but is now a top ideologue and frequent spokesman for Hamas.

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