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Hate speech laws are counter productive, they end up giving added license to the state to prosecute those with whom it disagrees. While virtuous sounding, these commissions who follow such “hate speech” crimes, only end up abusing their power and reach. All Western states have laws of some kind already on the books, that safeguard the rights of individuals from public slander.

These types of law always go further than the laws just mentioned, in that unelected state bureaucrats will decide, (and already have been deciding cases as in the Halla-Aho case for and example) just what exactly is protected speech. The inclusion of faith and sexual orientation is a startling reminder as to the lengths the guardians of multiculturalism will go to protect their policies. If you fall out of line with their thinking, they’ll bring the courts against you, and you will be found guilty. KGS

Laws Governing Racial and Hate Crimes to be Toughened

The government has proposed stronger measures to deal with racially motivated and hate crimes perpetrated on the internet. Toughened severity clauses will be applied both racially motivated and other hate crimes in the future.

Keeping writings on the net promoting racism or hate crimes would be prosecuted in addition to their distribution. For example, displaying writings that promote violence on an individual’s own web pages or social network site would be punishable even if that person was not the writer.

A specific clause in criminal justice legislation of promoting racial hatred towards others would be adopted allowing for a maximum punishment of our years’ imprisonment.

This clause could also be applied to such cases encouraging mass destruction or similar severe crimes against human rights, murder and terrorist-related killings.

So called hate crimes against a person on the grounds of colour, place of birth, faith, sexual orientation or disability would fall under the same clause.


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  1. You see its all about timing and with the stockholm terrorist attempt freesh in mind, i think this could also mean that even Imams could be procecuted for hate speech, correct me if i am wrong.

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