Sweden jihad bomb attack


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UPDATE: Esther reports that: paper that published Lars Vilks cartoon was to be targeted

Was he radicalised by his wife?

Following her lead: Miss Thwany was radicalised following a trip to North Africa and her grandmother believes that Al-Abdaly was then introduced to that form of Islam

Mona Thwany’s lips are painted bright red, and she wears a clinging top with a plunging neckline. Smiling broadly for the camera with dark hair flowing over her shoulders, she looks very much a glamorous Western wife.

It is a rare departure from her usual appearance. The widow of suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab, in hiding while the three-bed semi she shared with her husband in Luton is scoured by forensic officers, is rarely seen without a veil covering her face.

Her Romanian grandmother Maria Nedelcovici last night told how Miss Thwany was radicalised on a trip to North Africa and in turn, introduced her husband to radical Islam.

Speaking moments after being told of Abdulwahab’s suicide mission, tearful Mrs Nedelcovici cried out: ‘Why did you do this Mona?’ She said she and other relatives warned her granddaughter that her conversion to radical Islam would destroy her family.

But Miss Thwany refused to change her ideas, she claimed – and in June of this year she and her husband went on to name their only son Osama, the same name of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

SAPO: We know how the bomber got hold of the explosives

Aftonbladet: New threats against Sweden New audio tapes: “The raid in Stockholm is nothing but the beginning of a new era of our struggle, in which Europe will provide the ground for our kind”

Arab world condemns terrorist attack in Stockholm SAPO think they know where Taimour Abdulwahab got hold of explosives. While going on the hunt for electronic tracks on the Islamist forum.

– The most important clue is how active he has been, “says terror expert Magnus Ranstorp.

SAPO investigators are convinced that Taimour Abdulwahab had helpers in Saturday’s terror attack.

Tracing of contacts

In order to trace his network is now the hunt for Islamist forum Shumukh al-Islam and other similar sites. SAPO looking include formulations that are similar to those Taimour Abdulwahab used in their audio files.

Anders Thornberg, operations manager at Sapo, told Aftonbladet that they think they know where Taimour has gotten hold of explosives.

– We have an idea of it, “he says.

For TV4 SAPO confirms that there was another explosive device in the form of a pressure cooker hidden in the car.

Drawing the Journal

At the place where he blew himself there was found a backpack with nails and explosives, a number of pipe bombs and a pressure cooker bomb.

In a number of the summer edition of “Inspire”, an English-language online magazine published by an al-Qaeda Organisation in the Arabian Peninsula, are described in detail how to make great bombs in the form of pressure cooker.

The benefits said to be that the ingredients are readily available, does not attract attention when they purchased and that it is possible to quickly produce bombs that could kill tens of people.

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    1. No, but don’t worry the spineless Quislings in the MSM and the leftists in the political class are still working hard trying to blame the victim for the crime. There will be the usual whining and lame statements issued by both, asking for ‘calm’ and ‘understanding’.

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