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This is so immoral that it makes you want to scream. The Red Cross howls and wails to get access to Gitmo prisoners of war, and they refuse to relay letters to an apostate Muslim to Christianity?! Unbelievable. KGS

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Red Cross Neglects Arrested Afghan Employee for Converting to Christianity Refuses to Deliver Prisoner’s Mail

Washington, D.C. (December 14, 2010) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that the Red Cross in Afghanistan (ICRC) has not intervened on behalf of a long-term employee who was arrested and imprisoned because he is Christian. This, despite that the Red Cross mandate includes “visiting prisoners” and “helping victims of conflict and internal violence, whoever they are.”

Sayed Mossa worked 15 years in ICRC’s orthopedic department in Kabul assisting amputees. In late May, footage of Muslim converts to Christianity being baptized was aired in Afghanistan. The broadcast triggered nationwide protests and a government-led crackdown against Christians. On May 31, being a Muslim convert to Christianity, Mossa was arrested by security officers working with the Ministry of Interior.

Aid workers in Kabul immediately contacted the Red Cross after hearing of the arrest. “The Protection office told us that Mossa will be visited like the others and that we must not interfere with their job. We are not his family and they will not tell us anything. We told them that he has been sexually abused and his condition has deteriorated badly, but nothing could move them,” said a friend of Mossa’s who inquired about his safety. When Mossa’s wife asked for help, the Red Cross paid her Mossa’s salary, but reportedly said they would not intervene to liberate her husband. It was two months before Mossa’s wife had heard where he was being held. She was not notified by the Red Cross, but by a released prisoner who had served time with Mossa.

In a final meeting with Reto Stocker, head of the Red Cross in Kabul, Mossa’s friends were again told that ICRC is neutral and would not intervene. They were also asked to not make the case public.

In another breach of the Red Cross’ mission, they refused to deliver hundreds of letters addressed to Mossa. Westerners organized the letter-writing campaign to both encourage the Christian and to publicly display the international community’s concern over his plight. “They won’t deliver the letters to Sayed. The Red Cross does not have the right to keep the letters from him. It’s their responsibility to ensure he receives letters written to him via the Red Cross address,” said an aid worker in Kabul who helped organize the campaign.

“If the Red Cross refuses to do something they stand for, shouldn’t the world know about such a gross violation of their stated practices?” said another aid worker. “I mean, if donors support the Red Cross’ work because of what they declare they do, shouldn’t the Red Cross be reproved for their refusal to do (the work they are supposed to do)?”

Aidan Clay, ICC Regional Manager for the Middle East, said, “Sayed Mossa has now been in prison for nearly six months without legal representation or equal protection. The Red Cross, his employer, did not visit Mossa in prison until two months after his arrest, and would not intervene because he was arrested on religious grounds. Moreover, they have blatantly refused to deliver letters to Sayed which are rightfully his. We urge those concerned about the Red Cross’ behavior to call the Red Cross in their country and politely express their views.”

Red Cross headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland +41 (22)734 60 01
United States & Canada +1 (202) 587 4600
United Kingdom (+44 207) 877 75 81
France (+33 1) 56 54 11 11

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  1. There is no history that Islam has ever given a toss for those they defeated in battle. How could they when their exemplar, Mohammed, slaughtered males and took women and children as slaves.

    So what is this Red Crescent if not a caricature of the Red Cross. I have a suspicion though that The Red Crescent was formed with the express intention of infiltrating the Red Cross and taking it over. In that they hace succeeded and made the Red Cross into a dhimmi organisation that bans nativity scenes from its outlets.

    I for one stopped donating to the Red Cross when they stated that they were not a Christian organisation. Why they still use the word “Cross” defeats me, except that it may be a cynical ploy to raise funds in mainly Christian America.

  2. Yemeni and I live in a society that all Muslim conservative and I am a young Yemeni read and still Read about Christ and religious peace be upon him and come to the conclusion give priority to what holds most of the world’s population of the globe, but for several reasons, community, family and laws that govern in the country, among them first family: the family living in the bias is clear and strong and the intransigence towards their Muslim religion and for whom religion is a red line (irrefutable) and when I got convinced, including Carry from thought and doctrine feared I share by the A and the exercise of anything because I am afraid to kill me and Am I sure the credibility of what I carry of thought and belief and that The family is the product of thought and culture a legacy for Attenbra informed or aware of the fact that the Lord was visible (Christ) the Lord is not visible
    Second, the difficulties of community: that what applies to the family is applicable to a society where that society is a radical Islamic trends for their religion of Islam (and do not accept other) and also considered an extreme, including: the existing base in the country as well as the currents of radical Salafist satisfaction and also rally the reformist Islamic clutch and catcher on the country and rare finds from a person with a rational balanced so that put them an idea and Tugeatk and that the fate of the violation of their thinking and their faith surely will be killed according to their religion and modern messenger frank and who says (of the allowance of their religion, killing him) and also known blood apostate religion is permissible and what happens between the time and another
    Third: The law (Government): Everyone knows that Islam is the source of power in Yemen do not accept coexistence with other religions and the evidence for that is the absence of Yemeni convert non-Islam, because undoubtedly dead and this is the biggest obstacle in order to live in my country, Yemen, and clenching or practice what I thought of the instructions Christ as known in Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon
    Yemeni law is clear and explicit and kill each of the states fall back on Islam and described them as, after three days and I do not have any freedom to practice what I am convinced it but Ergmoni on the exercise of their religion, so I decided to go out or emigrate to any country, whatever the circumstances
    And I don’t want a homeland and family and community

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