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What happens to all the Mussulmen’s prayers, deep sixed by Mohamed’s imaginary friend? The effort has all been in vain, oh the humanity of it all! KGS

NOTE: Vlad notes that this is proof that the Muslims commandeering of the street is purely a political act of Islamic primacy.

Shocker in ol’ gay Paris:

Paris: prayer Street Myrha is not oriented toward Mecca

This is a site that shows the direction of Mecca, to pray in the right direction.

Type “Street Myrha Paris France” and then click Locate

Zoom in by pressing the + sign, and now examine as many photos of the street Myrha prayer, it is clear that the direction of Mecca (red line) and the axis of the street are almost perpendicular!

H/T Vedouze

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  1. I wonder why nobody ever thought of checking this before? Wasted prayers! Ha ha! Stupid arselifters!

  2. @ Bill:

    Not so stupid. They took over and owned the street.

  3. several months ago i pointed out on atlas shrugs that it is the same in new york where they were praying on the street outside the proposed new mosque way off about 40

  4. They haven’t learned how to tell the direction by the sun in the sky. I guess they use to their GPS to much.

  5. Well if they were intelligent they wouldn’t be Moslems in the first place….so it’s no surprise to me when they pray in the wrong direction. They’ve been going in the wrong direction for 1400 years.

  6. Well this is not surprising for me,in Indonesia where around 85% of the populations are muslim face Africa and not Mecca. What do you expect from followers of pedophile who can’t read??

    1. Thanks II, I didn’t know that, though I’m not surprised. It would be great for to capture a few pictures of them praying in the streets and supplying the street name, I would love to post it here.

  7. Actually, I think it’s OK, because eventually the prayers would go all the way around the world and reach Mecca.

    1. I’ve read enough horror in the koran to last me a life time.

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