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It’s Western taxpayers that will continue to bear the burden of funding the terrorist enterprise called by many, Hamastan, and as one of these taxpayers, the Tundra Tabloids says enough is enough. How much longer are we going to pay these blood suckers to remain in power? Why is it that the EU holds the government of Belarus to a completely different standard then the one in Gaza?

Voltairenet: The EU policy towards Belarus has been closely coordinated through a joint ‘European Troika’ thatalso includes the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE). The Council of Europe suspended the Belarusian application for membership in 1997 while the OSCE decided to establish an Advisory and Monitoring Group (AMG) in Minsk to help promote democracy and human rights in Belarus. In the following year, the ‘troika’ adopted apolicy of conditional engagement with Belarus and named four criteria that needed to improve inthe parliamentary elections 2000: the return of substantial power to parliament, opposition representation in electoral commissions, fair access to state media for the opposition, and electorallegislation in line with international standards (Gänzle, 2008; Marples, 2004).

Though the attempts at trying to get Belarus to conform to EU norms have been met with great resistance, the fact remains, is that the EU has indeed tried their best (whatever that is), while in Gaza, they’re prepared to allow the flow of money to continue without hardly any kind of penalties being exacted in connection with their behavior.

In other words there’s no quid pro quo being initiated on any level. This is exactly the “humanitarian racism” that the JCPA’s Manfred Gerstenfeld talks about, where European supposed “do gooders” refuse to hold others (based on their ethnicity and cultural background) to the same level of standards they expect from “their own kind”. It’s a racism practiced rather openly in many Leftist circles, and has for the most part become an article of faith.

So Barry Rubin is absolutely correct in predicting that the Hamas will not be held accountable for anything that they do, by the mindset that rules the roost here in Europe, and presently in the current US administration of Barack Obama. Why should they be expected to, they’re not Belarussians. KGS

Thanks to International Aid, Gaza Is Going To Be A Well-Off Islamist Republic

The Gaza Strip is doing really well economically and the Hamas regime seems set to go on forever. It’s raking in the aid money but every dollar and every project is shaped to ensure that Hamas remains in power, can return to violence in future and…wreck everything again.

“There are a slew of products here, and beautiful restaurants. Is this the Gaza we have been hearing about?” asked a Sudanese official arriving there, as quoted by the Palestinian news agency Maan. “Where is the siege? I don’t see it in Gaza. I wish Sudan’s residents could live under the conditions of the Gazan siege.”

So far there is not much building going on but just a lot of talk. The ground is being cleared for construction but building materials are lacking. The biggest single project right now is for water treatment under European guidance.

If Hamas were a normal government getting a rebuilding effort going would be great. By normal government I mean even a normal dictatorship. Such a regime would say:

We’re raising living standards, we’re increasing our popularity. Why should we be so foolish as to go to war against a stronger neighbor and see all of this destroyed again?

But, of course, Hamas is not a normal ruling group. It believes that the Creator of the Universe is on its side and wants it to fight. Hamas revels in martyrdom. It thinks total victory and the killing of all Israeli Jews is achievable. And it knows that the rest of the world won’t let it be fully defeated and thrown out of power no matter how many rockets, martyrs, and terrorist groups it sends into Israel.

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