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He’s simply an ineffectual dip.

Swedish PM Reinfeldt said that they shouldn’t assume that the two explosions and the e-mail were connected. Now Swedish MSM confirms that they are. Oh and here’s the actual bomber blowing to bits. KGS

Expressed radical views on the web

SVD: Published: December 12, 2010, 19:24. Last modified: December 12, 2010, 22:07
28-year-old suspected suicide bomber is written in a town in southern Sweden, and has expressed radical religious views on the web. His friends told Aftonbladet that he became more religious and angry.

The man who owns the car that blew up in the corner of the Olaf Palme Street and Queen Street on Saturday is probably also the person who minutes after the car caught fire, blew himself to death at Bryggatan. Car owner’s name is also identical to the signature on the hotmejl sent to SAPO just before the bombings.

28-year-old’s father said to Expressen that his son left home in southern Sweden early on Saturday morning in his car.

– We have tried to call my son, but his mobile is off, “said the father told the newspaper.

Yesterday, police had cordoned off the apartment where the man lived, which is located in the center of a small town in southern Sweden.

On his Facebook page, 28-year-old expressed radical religious views on the war in Iraq, and called for a boycott of Denmark. He status updates often consisted of prayers, and he has uploaded videos with Islamist messages, reported Aftonbladet.

In late November, the man wrote on Facebook:

“God take my life when you become satisfied with my honest word and deed. God, I dedicate all my actions to you. God keep me away from falsehood, “according to Expressen.


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