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Fjordman: Since we are now on the subject of Sweden, here is the Prime Minister himself stating in no uncertain words that “Swedes” do not exist as a distinct ethnic group. “Swedes” are simply all of those who happen to be within the (formerly existing) borders of Sweden.

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Reinfeldt – there are no Swedes – all are Swedes

Document.No: A very interesting discussion between SD Jimmy Åkesson and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in parliament Thursday. Åkesson asked the question whether the native Swedes were covered by discrimination law and the law of “proportionality against folkgrupp”? The background is a series of statements from Justitiekansleren that they are not. Hatred and discrimination applies only to specially selected groups, not the majority. Why is it, would Åkesson know. Reinfeldt responds by referring to Nazism. After their “vansinne” had to take “åtgärder” so such a thing can never be repeated. Therefore,  specifically vulnerable groups need to be protected.

The tone of Reinfeldt is factual, back entertaining, slightly condescending, but above all elusive. Reinfeldt did not keep track of ideology and social reality. If one was to protect the Swedes, who is Swedish? That would mean that many who consider themselves as Swedes would feel discriminated against, “he replied. Traded: all know that there are native Swedes, but if you let the Anti-Discrimination Act would include those new Swedes might feel offended! It’s an odd thought that more witnesses that Reinfeldt & Co have created definitions of Swedes who can not tolerate the face of reality, and who, when forced, ends with the sacrifice of old Swedes.

This became even clearer in the second half, when Åkesson came up with that if it is the minorities who will need “protecting” it is a fact that there are now old Swedes who are in the minority number of seats. A relevant question for parts of Oslo. What about them? Should not the law apply in this case? No, that simply was not correct. Who is “us”? This would be an “us” against “them” thinking, “said Reinfeldt who encounter away new arrivals. That there are groups in “förortene” which largely operates with an “us” – “them” thinking, ignoring the prime minister. Just as he ignored the fact that Sweden has made many new residents that does not intend to be Swedes. When the majority in the parliament defines the Swedes at any time living in Sweden, he creates a definition that during a period of time will create, solve Sweden as a nation.

We are people who come here with many different backgrounds, “said Reinfeldt, but all we are Swedes.

You have to hear this from his own mouth to grasp that they really believe this. And in the background was Mona Sahlin.

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