Tommy: Don’t let the situation continue and have us say we told you so.


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  1. The BBC interviewer needs his brain rebooted. Is he living in the same country as Mr. Robinson? Everyone knows that England is being Islamified. Everyone knows that the stealth jihad is pervasive. Everyone knows that the Islamists desecrated the memorial for the British soldiers. I could go on and on. The BBC are equal to Nazi collaboraters. Mr. Robinson is correct in saying: “A year from now, I’ll be here saying, I told you so.”

    The EDL are the men and women standing up to sharia law and the complete takeover of the English society.

  2. Just have a listen to this interviewer. He is actually part of the problem in Luton.

    A man in total denial. It’s all the fault of the EDL who cover their faces.

    I have a better understanding of what the English are up against after listening to this useful idiot/apologist for Islamic jihadists.

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